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Children's High Sleeper Beds

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Children's High Sleeper Beds

When it comes to finding the perfect bed for your children, there is a fine line between investing in something that inspires them and excites them, and something which fits in with your overall decorating style and provides the support and comfort that you child needs to get a good night’s sleep. On top of that, a bed tends to be a fairly pricey investment and so you want to choose something which will last as long as possible.

One of the best products on the market which truly ticks all those boxes is the high sleeper beds; also known as a midi bed, which takes the concept of a bunk bed but instead of having a bed beneath the top mattress, simply boasts a large empty space which is ideal for storage, play, or anything your child’s imagination wants it to be.

The benefits of a high sleeper bed

There are a number of benefits of selecting a high sleeper bed, not least for the amount of space it saves by placing the main body of the bed high up above ground level. By allowing your children to climb into bed via a ladder, bedtime is instantly made more fun and engaging, with children loving the freedom they get to climb in and out of their very own secret space.

The space underneath is of course the primary bonus of high sleeper beds, though it is worth noting here that often our members ask us about how to best utilise this for storage – taking away one of the immediate benefits which allows this space to be a place for children to play. Our recommendation is to allow this space to evolve with your child – becoming a den when they are younger, then transforming into a work and creative space as they get a little older and seek somewhere they can sit comfortably and without being disturbed.

One way to section this place off is to hang a basic drape across the opening; filling it with cushions and other comfortable rests and seating options. You could also consider turning this into the perfect area for story time by adding a small night light and an adult sized bean bad or chair.

Things to consider with a high sleeper bed

With every benefit comes a potential drawback, and there are a few things you need to consider if you do decide to go for a high sleeper bed.
Firstly, removing, washing and reinstalling sheets and bedding is always more difficult when the bed is at height, as you simply don’t have the same control over it as you do with a bed which is lower down. You may also find your child wants you to get into bed with them which is difficult in a smaller high sleeper, and is why we recommend transforming the space below the bed itself into a reading area suitable for you and your child.

And finally, consider the height and size of the bed and what it means for the room it is in. Though you will inevitably benefit from the added space below the bed, you need to make sure that the mattress isn’t so high that your child risks hitting their head on the ceiling if they sit up quickly or climb into bed on their hands and knees. The best way to approach this is to measure the dimensions of the room before going bed shopping

For the widest selection of high sleepers, head to bed retailers and furniture stores – and be prepared to climb up a few ladder sets to test the beds out!

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