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Though rarely an influencing factor in the aesthetic and appearance of your bed, the bed sheets you choose can in fact play a major part in affecting and impacting the overall quality of the bed and how it feels while you sleep – with many bed experts actually recommending you put more time, energy and money into choosing the perfect sheet than into the duvet and pillowcase set. When you strip your bedding back, it is the sheets you lie upon which really influence the way the bed feels against your skin, with a few top tips providing you with the guidance you need to ensure that your sheets are optimum for comfort and hygiene.

Top tips to finding the perfect sheets

First off, let’s start with the one major aesthetic feature of your sheets – their colour. While duvet covers and throws are designed in all manner of different colours and tones with each bringing a new level and decorative style to the room as a whole, we always recommend keeping your sheets as light and neutral as possible – opting either for white or a very pale grey. This is because pale colours always remind us of being clean and hygienic – both things you want to be reminded of when you get into bed. Our next tip has to do with the fabric of your sheets, with cotton being up there as one of the best options thanks to its machine-washable nature and the fact that it is super breathable without letting all the valuable warmth out. The perfect sheet is one which takes you from winter to summer seamlessly, boasting a soft feel which feels cosy in the cool weather but which also ensures your body is well aired when it is warm. Another great fabric is linen though buyers should be aware that this creases super easily – not necessarily a problem with regards to a sheet as most of the time it is hidden beneath the duvet, though for some buyers this will be an instant turn off. Another tip is to check the label for any signs of chemical finishing, which retailers often use to ensure that the sheets are wrinkle free when stacked on the shop floor. Though this may help them sell more sheets in the short term, really you don’t want to be bringing chemicals into your bedroom – especially not into your bed, and so you should be opting for organic and chemical-free sheets as much as possible. Then we come to the functionality and practicality of your sheets – how well do they fit your bed, and how easy are they to wash and dry quickly and effectively? Take note of any extra padding you add to the top of your mattress, for example in the form of a mattress topper or extra layers of cushioning, and then make a note of the additional height that this has added. This can ultimately mean the difference between one size of sheet and the next size up, with our recommendation being to size up where necessary as this simply makes your life much easier. Machine-washable sheets are always the best option in terms of ease, with another tip being to make sure you only put pale and neutral sheets in a wash of similar colours to ensure that the colour doesn’t run and ruin the relaxing atmosphere created by your sheets. For the best sheets across a range of price points, fabrics and finishes, head to department stores and soft furnishing bedding retailers.

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