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From permanent indoor structures to portable outdoor pieces, having a bar to call your own is the height of luxury in the summer – perfect to sit alongside your BBQ or paddling pool, or to pull out every time you invite friends and family over. No matter how regularly you decide to use your bar, the chances are that you will be looking for something that acts as a focal point in your home or garden – something which will delight guests and act as both a practical addition and a playful feature, complete with the right equipment and plenty of accessories and decorations.

The most popular styles of bar and where to put them

Indoor circular bar – Ideal for those with a home large enough to fit a permanent bar structure, indoor and circular bars create an opulence through their extravagant design, and allow your guests or family members to flock around as you make their favourite drinks and turn drinking into its own form of entertainment. The kind of home with an indoor bar is likely to be fun-loving and glamorous, with some of the best styles and designs encompassing reflective exteriors, marble tops and reliable frames. Corner bar – Best for a slightly more low-key indoor feature, corner bars slot into the corner of a room, typically made from more natural materials such as wood with a clean finish. The beauty of corner bars is that they can be used for dual purposes when not in use as bar, and provide a structurally sound surface for paperwork, decorative accessories and other items. Tiki bar – The tiki bar was made for a party, and has now become a popular outdoor summer accessory available across a series of homeware and home accessory retailers, as well as garden centres. Commonly made up of the bar block with two tall posts holding up a Hawaii-style roof, the build of a tiki bar is created to look natural and bring a party vibe to the home, perfect for hanging fairy lights and colourful paper lanterns from to pull together a celebration. Portable bar – Portable bars can be used indoors and outdoors, and commonly are fixed with wheels on the bottom which make them easy to push along or leave free standing. Some of the best portable bars we’ve seen are made from both metal and wood, and embody a very 1920’s finish with cocktail glass holders and intricate designs etched into their surface. For the best portable bars, explore the offerings available at gift stores and home design retailers who specialise in extravagant accessories. Innovative bars – From bar tops which fold out behind wall shutters, to bars which are created from repurposed old furniture and blocks of wood, the possibilities when creating your own bar are endless. As such, making a DIY bar is a project that we know many of our members love, with retailers stocking everything from the perfect shelves to detachable wine glass holders, renovated cocktail shakers and decorative accessories which can turn a stack of old pallets or any old wooden barrel into a bar fit for entertaining. When it comes to finding the best bar for your home, whether you purchase it or make it yourself from scratch, the most important consideration has to be the placement – followed by the style, how often you will use your bar, and what you want to store in / on it permanently. Then it’s simply a case of stocking up on spirits and mixers, investing in a couple of bar stools, and pouring the first drink.

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