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Indoor Pots & Planters

Keeping houseplants alive is a little bit of art and a little bit of science. Finding the right planter to make them pretty, healthy and happy is crucial to make sure all that careful tending doesn’t go to waste. Whether you are looking for a large set of matching indoor pots or a single focal point to hold that lovely leafy fern that you’ve been cultivating, there will be an option that sets your foliage and flowers off to a tee. If you have been carefully nurturing a collection of cacti and succulents then you might want to start off with a small terrarium. Succulents look great in an almost otherworldly way in a sandy desert style terrarium. They do not need deep roots and terrariums suit their need for heat. Just open the hatch if you see any humidity. Terrariums can be small and faceted, geometrically shaped, modern curved vessels or antique-style bottle gardens. They are a great opportunity to tend to something but can also be set up and left to their own devices while they bring life to your living room. If you prefer a look that is a little like a terrarium but allows you to manage your plants more actively, then there are large vase style planters to consider. You can set up your compost and drainage in the bottom of the planter but a constant airflow around the plant prevents humidity and retains the decorative edge. Remember for any pot that does not have drainage holes, you will need to create drainage with a few inches of gravel or broken crockery at the bottom of the pot. Handmade ceramics are a classic choice and they are an opportunity to show off your taste. You could have a reflective glaze, inlaid pattern, variegated colours, ombre or contrasting colour patterns. The sky's the limit when it comes to personalisation. Ceramics are very versatile and go from the humble terracotta, beautiful on a kitchen window sill, to porcelain masterpieces. They also come in round shapes, tall shapes, short shapes and cube shapes. Ceramics are available in colours from pure white to midnight black and everywhere in between, to suit your room and your plant. Metal plant pots are an attractive hardwearing option that would suit a more contemporary room. Some metal options are faceted and shimmering whereas others have an attractive aged copper effect or a subtly gleaming bronze effect. They can be luxurious, utilitarian or both. Faux metal pails are another option for a bathroom or kitchen planter and go particularly well with a nautical or cottage aesthetic. For a lovely whimsical touch, you could go for indoor pots that have an animal design or for a really fun spin, get an animal-shaped planter or a planter that features a face so that a gorgeous fern can spill over as a leafy green mane. If you’re after a casual, undone look that incorporates a tactile, natural element, then rattan cased pots are a lovely option to introduce a natural fibre in a rich varied beige. You could also look for an indoor pot with a wicker exterior or even turned wood. Just make sure to sort out plenty of drainage within the inner pot, and you’ll have a beautiful leafy design piece to last. You could also try a touch of macrame for another touch of bohemian chic. A planter coming with its own macrame halter would be perfect for a classic spider plant to cascade out of. Indoor pots and planters are a way to give your lovingly nurtured houseplants the opportunity to be the star of the interior design show. Plants have a natural beauty but it is a beauty that can be elevated by a sharp-eyed design choice.

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