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Dressing a modern home has become both a simple and complex task, with many homeowners seeking items with multiple uses which are versatile and can be used across more than one space, but which are not outwardly functional or overly decorative. In essence, what they are looking for is something which is practical, but which still fits neatly into their decorative style – whether it be a seat, a storage container solution, or a shelving unit. A pouffe is one item which provides multiple uses despite its very simple construction, though it should not be confused with an ottoman which is more sturdy in its structure and which tends to conceal an inside space – whereas a pouffe is a basic overly stuffed cushion. Often relegated to use as a foot cushion, pouffes are actually highly useful in a number of settings, with many being used as extra seats, as drinks tray holders, and as decorative accessories designed to breathe a little life and informality into a room.

How are pouffes made?

The name ‘pouffe’ is derived from the French word for something which is “puffed out” – referring to the soft structure of the pouffe and the way that it is made from fabric which has been puffed out with a suitable stuffing – essentially a large cushion. Pouffe’s are popular seats, but due to their more informal structure they tend to sit lower down to the ground and, without the addition of wooden legs, make excellent footstools.

Why we love using pouffes to dress the home

We find that buyers tend to love pouffes primarily because they are comfortable and welcoming, adding a certain warmth to your room in a move away from structured furniture and towards more of a bohemian and rustic finish. Where more formal pieces such as ottoman’s stand out and create focal features, pouffes are more likely to blend into the surrounding room design and should be selected by the way they compliment existing furniture rather than trying to stand out among it – whether you achieve that through the material finish, the use of patterning, or the basic colour palette. Pouffe’s come in all different shapes and sizes, though they tend to be fairly rounded with little in the way of a formal or framed shape. Some of our favourite products currently available include pouffes which are made from a chunky knit fabric and which add a really homely and handcrafted touch to a living space or bedroom, and those which utilise the popular Moroccan style of patterning which encourages the use of a series of complimentary bright colours banded together through lines and stripes of various widths and densities. For the more modern home, especially if you are looking to move away from colour and the use of patterns, you may find that you are more drawn towards pouffes in a variety of different textures and fabric finishes, with many homeowners used statement fabrics as a way of adding an extra layer and texture to the room through pieces like their pouffe and other decorative accessories. One common example is a pouffe covered with a fluffy or shaggy type fabric. For the best selection available on the market right now, head to homeware and furnishing retailers which specialise in soft furnished items. You may also find that a lot of children’s retailers also offer pouffes, as the soft stools are perfect for children’s bedrooms to provide a comfortable and safe place for them to sit.

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