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Bird Houses

One of the best things you can do to support the birdlife in your garden is to invest in a bird house or two, providing birds with a safe place in which to nest – particularly if they are regular visitors to your garden or have previously made their own nests in your trees or inside a garage or shed. And although it may sound easy, especially with so many retailers now stocking ready made bird houses so that you don’t even have to think about how to put it together or make a start on building one from scratch, there are a number of things you need to consider – namely to do with the kind of birds you have in your garden, the types you want to attract into your bird house, and the best way of keeping it safe from outside and unwanted visitors.

The benefits of installing a bird house

The primary benefits are the support for your local birdlife, and the fact that you will be able to enjoy watching them come and go from the comfort of your own home – with the special fledge day a particularly nice one for bird lovers who delight in seeing the baby birds leave the nest for the first time. Other less wildlife orientated benefits include the aesthetic value of a bird house and the fact that adding one to your tree or house exterior can instantly elevate the appearance of your garden to a more quaint and decorative finish. And if you choose a plain wooden bird box, consider decorating it yourself if you want it to stand out, or else leave it natural to allow it to blend in with the garden surroundings.

The things to consider before buying your bird house

The first consideration is around the construction of the house and the way that you fill it in order to create a really cosy environment for the birds you want to attract. A wooden exterior is premium both in terms of its natural foundation and the fact that it traps warmth and creates a nice cosy environment for the birds. If you want to make this even better for them, consider filling the house with a few twigs and sprigs of straw so that the mother bird doesn’t have to do as much work to keep her babies warm. Construction also focuses on the size of the interior and the dimensions of the entry hole – with both needing to be the perfect size if you hope to attract the right birds and keep them safe. For more information on the right sizing for different bird types, speak to an expert of engage in some extensive research online before purchasing. The other main consideration is around location – not only to make sure that you can benefit from a full view of the bird house, but also to completely ensure that it is not accessible for potential predators. For example, if you place your bird house not far from a standard surface like a table top, a cat or fox could easily jump up and reach into the bird house. Consider location and make sure you install the house somewhere with good ventilation and somewhere warm and protected, to optimise the environment both in terms of the birds’ safety and comfort. And finally, get to know the birds in your garden so that maybe next year, you can cater to even more of them! For the best bird boxes and houses, head to garden stores, specialist pet retailers, and bird charities who can advise on the best house models and ranges.

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