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Vanity Units

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Vanity Units

Typically found in a bathroom, a vanity unit sits around the sink; providing a dual-purpose storage solution which conceals the pipework underneath the sink and provides shelving and cabinet space for any cleaning essentials you wish to keep safely stored in the bathroom. Available in a whole range of different sizes and styles, a vanity unit can either be purchased straight from the shelf or made to measure and tailored to your bathroom, with many of our members opting to have units made – or at least altered – to fit their space and decorative specifications.

What is a vanity unit used for and why is it a good addition to a bathroom?

More often than not, you will find that the vanity unit in any bathroom is fitted snugly around the sink, with a mirror hung above it to provide a practical place for users to wash their hands, check their appearance, clean their teeth, and engage in any other regular bathroom rituals. Aside from covering up the outer workings of the sink and all its pipework, having a vanity unit encasing your sink provides plenty of surface space, as well as storage beneath in the form of cupboards and drawers. A great addition to any bathroom, this makes access to the pipes easy enough for a plumber without any unsightly pipes on show – and gives you somewhere to store your bathroom cleaning essentials away from eyesight or the hands of small children.

How can I make sure my vanity unit is stylish?

Vanity units can be made from any material and can achieve any design finish – it all depends on your chosen style and the amount you are willing to pay. Wooden vanity units have always been a popular and reliable choice, although we are seeing an increase in the popularity of floating units which attach to the wall without extending all the way to the floor, and a growing interest in units which provide more of a modern finish – with sleek greys and stylish whites blending in with the surrounding ceramic surfaces. If you’re trying to revamp an old or existing vanity unit and you want to give it more of a modern finish, one thing you can do is give the unit a lick of paint – with pale grey being one of the most practical choices to cover up scuffs but still provide a light finish. An older vanity unit can also be dressed up with the addition of a few modern accessories, such as a drawer organiser to keep the contents well organised, a clean surface top, and some well-placed lighting which can transform a bathroom from dingy to well-lit and bright.

Buying the perfect vanity unit for my home

Sourcing the perfect vanity unit comes down to cost and the overall style you are looking for. For those members investing in an entirely new bathroom, encompassing a vanity unit into your design will allow you to ensure the fit is perfectly tailored to your bathroom style. For those looking at a vanity unit for a one-off purchase, make sure that the measurements fit your sink and the size of the space, and where possible purchase your unit from a bathroom retailer who can provide expert help with regards to the installation and fitting of your unit. Some of the best options on the market at the moment are available from bathroom and plumbing specialist retailers who offer a made to measure surface, with homeware stores better suited to standalone units rather than vanity units made to fit around an existing sink.

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