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LED Fairy Lights

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LED Fairy Lights

LED fairy lights are, in most ways, reasonably similar to traditional fairy lights. The ways they are different are important though, and the practical results of these differences can make a big difference to you. LED fairy lights are not made up of a string of bulbs which contain filaments, LED lights are solid-state lights. That means there are no components to come apart within an LED or light-emitting diode. The first and most exciting way LED fairy lights offer an advantage is a result of this difference. If one LED or LED bulb stops working, the likelihood is you will never even notice, because it won’t make your whole set of lights useless. One LED is a self-contained unit.

LED fairy lights are also more durable because unless you choose to have glass bulbs for decorative purposes, you don’t have to have any breakable glass or fidgety filaments. LEDs themselves tolerate a wide variety of temperatures well and are quite robust which cuts down on potential breakages.

There is nothing wrong with variety but nobody wants the hassle and expense of having to buy new lights every Christmas, particularly not the lottery of taking the lights out of the box and needing to find out which ones still work before you can decorate the tree. Similarly, if you have just tacked your fairy lights in place around a feature mirror or strategically outlining a feature area on your wall, you don’t want the possibility of a bulb blowing just as you have them in place.

LED fairy lights are free of the drawbacks of any traditional bulbs, including mercury and ultraviolet light. This makes them safer than the alternatives and more eco-friendly as a bonus.

One of the most significant advantages of LED fairy lights over their non-LED cousins, is how energy efficient they are. LED fairy lights give off significantly more lumens, the most common measurement of light intensity per watt of power. This gives you a lot more latitude to either drive down your energy usage for both your wallet and the planet. You can also afford to go wild a little more when you want a large number of lights for a special party or the festive season.

LED fairy lights are a lot more practical to have around a household that includes little hands or paws because LED fairy lights do not give off waste heat. This makes them much safer to have around a Christmas tree, anything even vaguely flammable and means that if a child or pet touches them they will not be burned by an overheated bulb. You can wind them around inside a mason jar or a glass vase as a beautiful, safe option for a dim area.

With LED fairy lights you will still have the option to add decorative elements, like bulbs but you will be able to scale the features right back to a seamless LED string light style with no fittings or fussy detail so that they will suit any space. LED lights were originally limited in colours, however, those days are long gone. You can get golden lights, warm white and coloured lights which have any sort of steady, dimmed or twinkling light you can think of.

Choice also transfers to the power source of LED fairy lights. You can get battery-powered options in order to be able to use them far away from a plug or plugin options. Their energy efficiency means that either option is a practical option for temporary decorative features but if you want to use your LED fairy lights as a permanent feature then you may prefer a mains powered set.
LED fairy lights are a mood lifter, a celebratory look and so low maintenance that anyone can enjoy them.

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