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Bunk Beds

How many of us benefited from the fun – and the unavoidable feuds – which came with bunk beds? Linked to school trips, hostels and shared bedrooms with siblings, bunk beds are a notoriously innovative solution to combat a small bedroom space, and are often chosen by homeowners who want to inject a little fun into bedtime for their children – or who want to maximise the space available in guest bedrooms or B&B style rooms.

How do bunk beds work?

Bunk beds work on the basis of one single bed stacked on top of another, with adequate space between them to allow for the bottom bunk sleeper to comfortably get in and out of bed without disturbing the bottom sleeper. The ladder to one side gives the top bunk occupant an easy way to access their own space – with the ladder often providing the most coveted source of fun for young children. Building a DIY bunk bed is perfectly possible with the aid of online tutorials, though the health and safety elements and crucial and it is really important that adequate time is spend researching the best materials and tools for the job – to ensure the safety of both occupants.

Dressing bunk beds to make them suitable for adults as well as children

Most bunk beds on the mass market are made of either metal or wood – with the wooden frames providing more of a rustic look while the metal achieves an industrial feel. For those playing host through a home B&B, seeking to provide more space for guests, or simply injecting a feeling of nostalgia into their home, providing bunk beds suitable for adults can be a really good way of maximising the space available – particularly in a guest room where you are hoping to clear some more floor space. Dressing your bunk beds to create a place perfect for adults requires a little imagination and creativity, with some of our favourite design ideas including fairy lights and well placed cushions. If you want to give the occupants of your bunk beds a little more privacy, a well-hung draped across the bottom bunk can shield the space from view – creating a cosy area for guests to feel at home.

Other uses for bunk beds

If you are looking for bunk beds for a guest room, you may find that for much of the year, the bunk beds sit empty. But this doesn’t mean they have to go to waste. A few cushions and comfortable throws can quickly turn the bottom bunk into your very own private reading space or home-cinema, with the beauty of the mattress above creating more of an intimate and secluded setting than your own bed. Again, hanging a drape across the front of the bottom bunk can create even more privacy and can turn the space into your own screening area for movie night. Other uses for bunk beds include using the high rail of the top bunk as a clothes rail and providing two levels of storage space where a single bed would only provide one storage surface.

Finding the best bunk beds

With their increasing popularity both amongst children and for adults, bunk beds are now a popular staple across most bed retailers and home furniture store. To find the best bunk beds for your home, head to a showroom retailer which will give you the chance to browse fully assembled beds and determine the best style for you – both in terms of the material used, the design finish, and the size.

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