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Top 5 Spring Interior Trends

Spring is on the way, and if like us, you’re craving more than a spring clean, then check out our top five interior trends for the new season. We’ve included simple ideas for embracing each trend as well as our top product picks so that you can revamp your favourite spaces easily.

Cocooning curves

While spring interior trends are often about openness and freshness, we're noticing a deviation from this to more inviting, cocooning type shapes. The use of these shapes will help to add a sense of wellbeing to our homes as well as being conducive to socialising when used in bigger items of furniture such as sofas or round dining tables. But this doesn’t mean you can’t throw off the comforters and refresh your colour palette. This craving for snugness can be satisfied by replacing angular structures and straight lines with curved finishes, elegant arcs and rounded edges. Test out this trend by swapping home accessories such as mirrors, lampshades and cushions with rounded versions. Before replacing something as substantial as a sofa, try a curved accent chair or circular coffee table. Spring often inspires us to look at window treatments, as we try to take greater advantage of longer days and regular sunlight, so why not consider blinds or curtains with a soft, wavy or circular print? It’s always nice to populate our homes with greenery and flowers at this time of year too, so choose curved vases and planters for this season, and consider swapping items like spiky succulents for plants that have soft clusters of coin-shaped leaves. Small changes like these when grouped together in a room can have an enormous impact. 

Sunset hues

Beautiful sunset hues are on the way in, both with the weather and our choice of colour for our homes. With Dulux announcing Wild Wonder as their colour of the year for 2023 expect mellow, uplifting tones to dominate homes this spring. If you want to incorporate these sunshiney shades into your home then why not start with some wall art with sunsets, sunrises or beautiful yellow flowers. To make your space feel especially spring-like, select pictures with botanical or floral motifs. Swap out a couple of your kitchen or dining chairs for yellow-hued options. This will allow you to embrace the trend more fully without having to replace an entire suite of furniture, plus it will create a lovely, eclectic vibe that is entirely unique. Alternatively, you could simply dress your existing chairs with new seat cushions. Your bedroom is another space worth revamping in this uplifting shade, as the room in which you begin and end your day should be both mood-boosting and restful. A fabric headboard can create a great focal point, and given that your bed is the largest item of furniture in the room, complimentary bed linen will be enough to make the entire space feel refreshed and re-energised.

DIY chic

Don’t worry, this trend does not mean you have to get your hands dirty! DIY chic is about incorporating a homemade, upcycled feel to your home. Items of furniture with distressed finishes work beautifully, giving the appearance of family heirlooms and creating a really homely feel. Kitchen dressers, living room sideboards and bedside tables lend themselves perfectly to this aesthetic. To ensure the look is fresh and spring-like, choose items in white, grey or very light wood rather than in heavier tones. Wall shelves, especially those with exposed hooks, have a lovely do-it-yourself vibe, so add them to hallways, utility rooms and bathrooms. Home furnishings with embroidered or embellished detailing suggest a handmade feel and provide an easy way into this trend. Don’t go too over the top, however. A couple of scatter cushions mixed among more contemporary styles is ideal, otherwise, you may veer too far into the granny chic territory. A fun and creative way to harness this look is to frame your children’s drawings (or your own) using an eclectic selection of frames. Small details like this can make a trend feel much more your own.

Nature-inspired shades

Spring trends always include an element of bringing the outdoors in, and this year conservatories, garden rooms and those other spaces in which you spend more time during the brighter, warmer months, are being reimagined in shades of the land, sand, sea and sky. From sage and apple to brick and terracotta, consider the colours you observe when you’re out walking and think about how you can incorporate them into your home. A simple place to start is with rattan accessories. Rattan has a natural tone and outdoor associations, so it will immediately set the right mood. From lamps and floor coverings to vases and table mats, pepper this texture throughout a room to achieve a really strong starting point. Earthy shades will bring depth and warmth to these neutral accessories but use sparingly so that the room doesn’t begin to feel cave-like. Pops of clean green and brisk blue will marry the whole scheme, maintaining freshness but building a relaxing atmosphere too. If you’re dressing the windows in these rooms, opt for curtains in voile, linen or cotton, as they’re lightweight and made from natural materials, so they won’t interfere with the overall theme.

Mindful spaces

This trend is about having a place, be that an entire room or a quiet corner somewhere, in which you can rest, relax or enjoy a hobby uninterrupted. To create a sanctuary-like feel, invest in mood lighting. This is key to creating a soothing atmosphere. If you want to practice a hobby or read, directional lighting is essential too. Soft furnishings will help to make the space feel comforting, so choose tactile fabrics in whichever materials you’re most drawn to, such as corduroy, chenille or cashmere. Adorn the space with inspiring artwork or family photographs that make you feel happy and content. Scented candles are a powerful way to evoke feelings of calmness and solemnity, so choose an aroma that reminds you of a positive time or place in your past. Greenery always elevates the mood of a space, so invest in some pretty planters and fill them with your favourite shrubs or herbs. If a bathroom is your chosen sanctuary space, indulge in the largest, fluffiest towels for the ultimate feel-good factor.

We hope our round up of spring interior trends has provided you with the inspiration you need to inject some springtime vibes into your home. For more style inspiration to create your perfect home, follow us on Instagram and Pinterest, or to search and discover over 100+ furniture retailers across the entire market, simply click here.

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