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8 Guest Bedroom Ideas to Make you the Host with the Most

As we firmly move into autumn and start thinking ahead to Christmas, we begin to think of the numerous friends and family we’ll be hosting in the coming months. 

One of the great things about a guest bedroom is that as they’re short-term spaces, most often inhabited by guests, you can experiment a lot more with style and design when compared to your own bedroom which requires a style you are comfortable with for a longer period of time.

If you’re lucky enough to have a spare bedroom to offer then maybe you’re wondering how you can best style this room to provide a restful, transitory space that functions on a day-to-day basis for your personal needs while offering a cosy, private space for your guests. We’ve put together our top 8 ideas which focus on style and functionality to help you be the host with the most.

1. Have spare blankets and throws on standby

There’s nothing more awkward than a guest having to request an extra blanket during the middle of the night as temperatures drop. Prevent the embarrassment for everyone by making sure that your guest bedroom is well stocked with cosy blankets, throws and if possible a spare pillow or two. These details allow your guest to tailor their level of warmth and comfort while showing them that you have truly thought of every little detail prior to their arrival. Not forgetting that an eye-catching throw or bedspread draped across the end of the bed can also add another element to the space or bring a design together perfectly. Stylish and practical!

2. Details, details, details

When it comes to designing a guest bedroom it can be easy to forget some of the smaller practical details as it won’t be a space you spend huge amounts of time in. One pivotal item is that perfect bedside table (or two depending on the configuration of the room) to allow your guest to rest their glass of water, charge their phone or place their book on. Not sure what bedside table to choose? Then check out our bedside table buying guide here for our top tips. Equally important is the right bedside lamp. A ceiling light proves harsh as we wind down for bed but with the right table lamp the perfect tone can be set as your guests settle in for the night ahead. Why not consider wall-mounted bedside lamps to provide an elegant feel to the space or a smart lamp with built in charging station or radio to add an extra level of practicality?

3. Create a hotel at home

Give your guests that 5 star experience in your home with the addition of luxurious bedding. Who can resist the warmth of a down filled duvet or a goose feather filled pillow but be warned they may never want to leave! Finish off the look with crisp white bedding and pops of colour with an eye-catching bedspread or cushions.

4. Create a seating space

Being a guest in someone's home; it can sometimes be difficult to find your own space to simply sit and be. Give your guests a sense of ownership of their room so they don’t feel they have to stay in the common areas all the time. A small cosy seating area will allow your guests to retire to their own space to catch up on work, a call or to simply relax.

5. Function and style

For the majority of the year your spare bedroom is likely to be just that - a spare bedroom you use to store items, perhaps work from or practice your hobbies in. Retaining the functional uses of your spare bedroom while also having a comfortable guest bedroom can be achieved with the use of multifunctional furniture. If your spare room doubles as a working from home space Monday to Friday then why not consider a transforming desk. Your perfect working-from-home space during the week which doubles up as a comfortable guest bed when needed. Maybe your spare bedroom also functions as a playroom or music room? In that case, a sofa bed could be a great solution. With huge advances in style and comfort, sofa beds can offer the perfect night’s sleep for your guests. Check out our sofa bed buying guide here for top tips on choosing the perfect one.

6. Take a risk

If your guest bedroom is solely a guest bedroom then why not experiment with all those colours, patterns and textures you’ve wanted to try?! Think of this extra bedroom as an opportunity to take risks, experiment with new trends, try out bold patterns or add some of your personality to it. You may end up with a very eye-catching room which might not be to everyone's taste but it's sure to provide a memorable stay and make your guests feel like they’re on holiday.

7. Add in some storage

Spare bedrooms can quickly become bedrooms of doom where we store everything and anything but this doesn’t have to be the case! There are a number of clever ways to add storage solutions for both you and your guests to make use of. For your guests, the addition of a bench at the end of the bed or woven boxes or baskets underneath the bed will provide somewhere for them to store their items. For everyday storage for your home, an ottoman bed can provide great secret storage for extra bedding or out-of-season clothes. Statement drawers also provide a great storage space for smaller items of clothing or paperwork while offering a stable base to arrange art work, vases and flowers which add personality to the room. If you’re looking for the perfect chest of drawers then check out our top tips here.

8. Keep it neutral

If taking a risk with your interiors isn’t something you want to try or if you’re keen to keep things simple then a neutral bedroom is the way to go. It’s hard to go wrong with neutrals and this is particularly true for a room that may not get used as much as others. Keeping things neutral will suit all visitors while providing a calming space. Add some depth and texture with chunky knitted throws, deep pile rugs and statement wooden furniture.

We hope our guest bedroom ideas have inspired you to create the perfect retreat for your guests. 

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