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Blinds 2go’s Best Blinds and Curtains for Large Windows and Doors

Blinds 2go’s Best Blinds and Curtains for Large Windows and Doors

From selecting the perfect design for optimum shading in your space, to choosing colours and patterns that will bring your scheme to life, there are lots of details to consider when choosing a window dressing for large windows or patio doors. You’re looking for something that will create a cosy and comforting feel, but give you the very best light control all year round too. 
We asked our friends over at Blinds 2go for advice on picking the perfect window blinds or curtains and adding that chic and versatile finishing touch. If you have large windows and doors, then here are some fabulous shading solutions that offer both style and practicality so you can make the most out of your space.

Privacy sheer blinds by Blinds 2go

The ideal shading solution for large patio doors or windows, the Lumina Privacy Sheers offer the perfect mix of shading and light. It’s a sleek and smart combination of an opaque louvre and delicate voile that is controlled with a simple twist, creating your desired shading in an instant. 
What makes the design so special is the ability to walk through them at any point. If you’re in and out to the garden through your patio doors, they are a great option. In a gorgeous array of shades too, from bright whites to a cool sleek grey, they’re easy to pair with your interior and create a scheme that will stand the test of time.

wave by blinds 2go

If you’re looking to bring a comforting and cosy feel to a space, then our Wave Curtains are a great choice for the home. Sleek, charming and practical, they add real style to large windows or patio doors and are super versatile too. 
With a track included, they create gentle waves that are perfectly neat and unformed every single time. They also pull back effortlessly into a small stack to allow lots of natural light to come flooding through larger windows and doors, making the most of the sunshine and providing practical shading too.
You won’t be struggling for choice either with hundreds of patterns, colours and designer names for you to pick from.

biFold blinds by Blinds 2go

Enhance your BiFold doors and create shading tailored to you all year round. Blinds 2go’s BiFold Blinds offer incredible shading as well as easy installation, providing you with effortless light control at your fingertips. 
They’re incredibly modern and work hard to help regulate temperature whatever the season, making them a fabulous choice for patio doors that let a lot of sunlight through. The little honeycomb pockets help to keep your room cool in the summer and warmer in the colder months as they trap the heat, creating a smart and sophisticated design, perfect for the modern home.

Shutter blinds by Blinds 2go

For an elegant and timeless feel always, Blinds 2go’s Shutter collection will add character to the home as well as stylish shading.  Made from an advanced polymer material, they won’t warp, crack, shrink or peel, plus they’re UV resistant, so just perfect for large windows or doors that let in lots of  sunlight. With light control paired with privacy, the Shutters bring a practical and traditional finishing touch to your space and are guaranteed to look amazing anywhere, any time of year.

vertical blinds by Blinds 2go

Providing brilliant shading and available in a range of sophisticated shades, Vertical blinds can be effortlessly coordinated in your home. There are a variety of textures, colours and designs to choose from, so you can shade your room efficiently and create a dreamy space with ease. 
A great choice for patio doors and large windows, the fabric is practical with options of blackout for complete privacy, thermal to save energy and help to keep your home cosy in the winter and cool in the summer, and there’s the PVC collection too which offers durability and strength.

We hope these fantastic ideas from Blinds 2go have given you inspiration to choose your blinds or curtains solution for your windows and doors. To discover Blinds 2go amazing range of blinds and curtains be sure to visit their website here.

When it comes to decorating your rooms with larger windows it’s important to add some warmth through the use of soft furnishings and warm colours as well as continuing the feeling of outdoors indoors with faux plants and earthy tones.

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