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Laundry Tips for Spring Cleaning

We're thrilled to partner with Laundryheap to offer you their spring laundry tips. Laundryheap provides an on-demand laundry delivery service, assisting with your laundry needs. Easily book online or through the app, and your laundry will be collected and returned within 24 hours, keeping your clothes fresh and clean.

Who doesn't love spring? It's a season that presents an opportunity to freshen up our surroundings. However, along with the blooming flowers and chirping birds, comes the inevitable spring cleaning chores. One chore that deserves our attention is laundry. It's a never-ending chore and it can be demanding. But that's why we're here to provide you with some valuable laundry tips for spring cleaning to make your home as fresh as the springtime breeze!

1. Organise your clothes

Before tackling the chores, take a moment to sort your clothes and separate them by colour and fabric type. In particular, your white clothes are prone to fading when mixed with other colours. Your white clothes are essential for the weather during spring so make sure to care for them properly. When you prevent their colours from bleeding, they will look as sparkling good as the day you bought them!

Similarly, you should also separate fabric types as fabrics have different levels of durability and react differently to water temperature and detergents.

Organise your clothes

2. Use stain removal

The warmer weather during spring presents more opportunities for outdoor activities and desserts. As fun as these ideas sound, they do welcome unwanted stains on your clothes. Springtime adventures do mean you need to be equipped with a reliable stain remover to tackle those pesky grass or ice cream stains properly. Incorporating effective laundry tips for spring cleaning into your routine can help ensure that your clothes remain fresh and vibrant despite the seasonal challenges.

Stain removal

3. Freshen up your bedsheets

A freshly cleaned bed is synonymous with a great spring. From mattresses to pillows or bed sheets, you must clean your bed properly and allow the smell of fresh scent to circulate in your room.

To begin, start with your mattress. These are often the hotspot for dust mites and bacteria so make sure you give it a deep clean. It's also good practice to get a mattress topper for not only extra comfort but also to protect your mattress from stains and sweat settling in.

In addition, remember to clean your pillows and bedsheets. They keep you comfortable and improve your sleep quality so it's only fair you take care of them by washing them with a gentle detergent and adding a splash of vinegar to the rinse cycle for extra freshness.

Trust us, there is nothing better than snuggling up in clean, crisp bed sheets after a long day of cleaning, especially when you've taken the time to air-dry them on a clothesline under the gentle spring sun.

Freshen up on the clothes line

4. Partner up with a laundry service

Let's face it – spring cleaning can be overwhelming, especially when it comes to laundry. It's enough to want to wish for a laundry fairy to magically whisk away your dirty clothes and return them fresh and clean. Especially during spring cleaning, the thought of tackling mountains of laundry, from delicate curtains to heavy blankets, can be enough to send shivers down your spine.

Thankfully, with innovative laundry services like Laundryheap available, that wish is now a reality. Offering not just laundry, but also dry-cleaning and ironing services, Laundryheap is a true game-changer in the world of laundry care, especially during the spring cleaning season.

Booking with Laundryheap is as effortless as changing your bedsheets. Simply select a collection date, and within 24 hours, your freshly laundered clothes are delivered back to your doorstep. Laundryheap’s convenience and efficiency make it one of the most invaluable laundry tips for spring cleaning.

Laundryheap laundry and dry cleaning service

5. Don't forget your washing machine

Last but not least, don't forget about cleaning your washing machine. It does a fabulous job taking care of our clothes but just like wardrobes, washing machines need regular cleaning too. Being exposed to too much detergent, soap scum and mould building up does result in bad odours. But there is no better time to clean it than during spring cleaning.

Before you start to clean, read the manual to make sure you are following the correct cleaning guidelines. If you're certain about the guidelines, run a cleaning cycle with hot water and vinegar to remove any build-up residue.

Taking care of your washing machine makes it last longer and guarantees quality washing for your clothes. Undoubtedly, a cleaner machine means cleaner clothes!

Washing machine care

Remember, half the battle with household chores is having the right approach, But by following these 5 laundry tips for spring cleaning, you can simplify your laundry routine and effortlessly ensure your clothes come out looking their best.

Here's to sparkling clean clothes and a home that's ready to welcome the season with open arms.

Happy spring cleaning!

Oliver Rani

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Oliver Rani

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