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Air Beds & Mattresses

Air Beds are a way to make the great outdoors that little bit more comfortable. The days when a camping holiday meant character-building discomfort are thankfully behind us. Skip the bill for more expensive accommodation and stick with your tent, just dial up the comfort factor under canvas. Air beds are compact, light and portable and you will not enjoy any holiday more with a bad back from sleeping on a root or a rock under your tent. You won’t miss home when you choose the right air bed or mattress. There isn’t just one type of air bed or mattress. They come in a whole flight of sizes from tiny to super king size and the more common single, double and queen sizes. The internal structure of an air mattress is also a lot more complex than simply being a giant bed shaped balloon. Some come with a foot pump, others come with an in-built electric pump that requires no more than the touch of a button. They can be low to the ground or raised air beds, designed to rise up once inflated to give you an elevated night’s sleep. Air beds might be a perfect choice for camping and the great outdoors but there are far more suitable situations for them than just outdoor sleeping. They work well at music festivals, for use in the back garden when you want an impromptu seating option that can be packed away when you want to. They can also act as a perfect sleeping option for any friends or family who need to stay over without needing to take up space in between uses. For extra comfort, many air beds have a flocked layer on top and some come with a raised pillow area. The soft flocked surface is more pleasant to sleep against and can even replace sheets if you are away from easy access to bedclothes. Look for an airbed which is water-resistant, they are more hygienic and allow easier cleaning. This can come in handy with a little one using the air bed or when a quick exit from a muddy campsite is necessary. Air beds deflate at varying rates according to the size of the inflation valve, so if you need a quick exit or have a camper with you who is prone to oversleeping, you might find a model with a larger valve more convenient. Children can often use a single air bed in standard model, particularly once they are older but for smaller children, a child’s air bed can be a necessity. Children’s air beds are shorter and often more narrow than air beds for adults except in cases where they are designed for two siblings to share. Check the maximum weight for children’s air beds to make sure you won’t have any accidental deflations after you arrive at the campsite. A handy feature of many children’s air beds is a raised lip around the edge of the air bed, some models even come with built-in but removable sheets and covers. The raised outer edge of a child's air bed can help a child who still needs a slight deterrent to rolling out of bed and waking themselves up. A welcome possibility for a family where awoken child can mean less sleep for everyone. Some designs can even show favourite characters or sweet animal designs where adult air beds tend to be muted and neutral in appearance to make sure they are suitable for all. Air beds make great outdoor beds, seating options outside or extra sleeping space for loved ones and guests. They disappear into a fraction of the space of a camp bed and they are cost-effective as well. Go as simple or sumptuous as your needs dictate.

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