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From the back corner of a room, lit by a reading lamp and with a matching footstool; to the heart of the living space or the end of a bed, armchairs are there to provide that extra bit of comfort and luxury – as well as an excellent way to tie together a decorative theme. Of course, while some sofa sets come complete with an armchair, many of our members come to us with either an armchair they love, or a sofa they don’t want to part with – hoping to find the opposing item to compliment their existing piece and without the need to recover it. Our key piece of advice? If your existing armchair or sofa is patterned or colourful, opt for a neutral tone or plain colour that will match. Likewise, if the sofa or chair you already own is plain, a more lively new piece can perfectly compliment and add character to your room.

Top considerations when purchasing an armchair

There isn’t merely one style of armchair – in fact, the armchair market is full of everything from wingback chairs to low back chairs, rocking style chairs and solid block shapes. Each style has its own genre and its own perfect setting, whether it be a modern living space or a traditional bedroom – or even the front patio of your home – so when purchasing your chair consider where you want it to live and how it will look in that space. TOP TIP: A lot of armchairs are actually a lot bigger than they look in images, so be sure to take note of the exact measurements! The height of the backrest is another consideration you will need to take into account, as we know some of our members who are only interested in chairs where they can rest their head backwards – while others prefer something which is a little more lowkey in design and slots more evenly into the levels already created in their room. Likewise, the depth of the seat is important – how far back do you need to sit to benefit from the backrest, and does the way you sit in the armchair impact how well you can see the television or angle your book correctly in accordance with a reading lamp?

Choosing the right material

For your armchair you will want something which is built to last – with your home situation and family depending rather on which material is safest for everyday use. Those families with pets and young children may prefer to invest in a leather which wipes clean easily and simply becomes more vintage looking over time, rather than looking scruffy. Having said that, leather can sometimes be quite creaky, especially when it’s new, and so will not provide the most comfortable solution for naptime. Other material options include fabrics such as cotton, velvet or thicker options which are often embroidered with intricately detailed patterns. Finally, when it comes to selecting the material, it is not just about comfort and practicality but also about how the armchair adds extra texture to your room. If you are looking to create a modern room, a leather armchair will not work; similarly, a traditional space filled with dark furniture will not necessarily compliment a block style armchair in neutral or more modern bright colours. Think about how your overall texture will work – and if needs be, use cushions and throws to tone down the heavy appearance of larger armchairs in bold material designs.

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