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Balcony Tables

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Balcony Tables

The clientele shopping for a balcony space tend to be split into two major purchase groups – those for whom the balcony is their primary outdoor space, who want to use it as the main hub of outdoor activity, and those for whom the balcony is an added extra often outside an office space or main bedroom. Whichever kind of buyer you are, some of the most popular accessories and purchases for balconies include plants and planters, chairs, and balcony tables. The main thing to remember when it comes to buying for a balcony is that the space is limited, and so not only do you need to ensure that every piece is the optimum size to be functional without taking up too much space, but you also need to ensure that everything you present on your balcony works together in harmony. The latter is particularly important for those dressing their space in a certain style, as a balcony is simply too small to cope with different design themes without becoming quickly overwhelmed and overpowered.

Top uses for a balcony table

The idea of a table on your balcony is often that it can be used for all manner of purposes – including as a dining table for one or two individuals, as a drinks table, or as a display feature which holds everything from focal plants to photo frames and more. A primarily functional purpose in any space, tables are best set in the middle of a space if they are round in shape, or up against a wall if they are angular with straight lines – and this is where the size of your balcony will come in particularly useful in ascertaining how best to use the space. One of the most important things to look for in your balcony table is a simple design which will match all manner of decorative accessories, and a fold up style which can be easily folded away to be stored during winter months – as opposed to leaving the table out to rust or rot.

Top designs of balcony tables

If you intend on using your balcony sparingly as a secondary hub of outside activity, we recommend keeping the table on the smaller side and instead investing in a larger and more comfortable chair which can be positioned as the central focal point – the table merely serving as an add-on which is useful but not integral to the design. If, however, the balcony is your sole outside space, you may wish the table to be bigger, with fold up designs and extendable tables both proving popular with buyers as a means of providing the surface space when it is needed but then packing it away when it is not. Some of the best and most innovative designs on the modern market are crafted from hardwood and metal, though buyers should note that metal structures are much easier to move and tend to be lighter in both weight and appearance – allowing the light to shine onto and through the design of the metal surface and thus adding more light to the space as a whole. Finally, consider whether your balcony table is best in its natural form or with some kind of tablecloth atop it, with the latter serving to protect the surface from rainfall and intense sunlight. For the best balcony tables on the market, consider both indoor and outdoor furniture retailers – taking care to ensure the sizing is optimum for your space and will not overpower everything else on display.

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