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Bath Bar Lighting

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Bath Bar Lighting

For those who think lighting a bathroom is a simple matter of installing the same kind of light as any other room in the home, think again. Requiring a complex combination of factors which combat the effect of condensation clogging up the bulb, without sparking electricity issues and all while providing adequate light to help you do your makeup and check your appearance seamlessly, bathroom lighting is often split into a couple of different options which are designed to light up different parts of the room.

One of these options is the iconic bath bar light – a long strip of lighting which is contained within a strong and waterproof transparent length of tubing, which is unaffected by steam in the air and which provides a really bright and clear light to sit along the outside base of the bath, down the side of the mirror, above the toilet or simply along a stretch of wall in the bathroom.

How do bath bar lights work?

Bath bar lights work by keeping the bathroom space completely seamless, with no clunky wall lamps or ceiling lights adding to the clutter in the room, and no outside items looking out of place among the clean and neutral space. Bar lights blend seamlessly with their surroundings and can be as simple or as intricate as you like – with designs ranging from simple strip lights to circular tubes, bulb studded metal lengths, and overhanding spotlights.
Often controlled with a separate switch which does not affect any other light in the room, we often see homeowners accessorising the cord which accompanies their bath bar light in order to give it an aesthetic value of its own – while others prefer to get rid of the cord and wire the light into their mains. This is often dependent on the location of your bar lights.

Where to put your bath bar lights

In terms of location, the best thing about bath bar lights is that they are super slimline in design and able to be located in all manner of places – in a range of co-ordinations and styles. From horizontal fixings above the sink and overlooking the mirror, to vertical fixings which run up the side of the mirror, the way you place your bath bar has as much to do with your aesthetic preference as it does with the strength and quality of the light itself.

Some of the most modern designs we have seen on the market actually come as part of a tailored bathroom set, with buyers now able to determined in advance where they would like concealed light fittings to be installed – so that when they are switched on, the lights suddenly shine from their hidden locations. This is a particular stylish and minimalist way of adding bar lights to the bathroom to optimise the user experience.

When it comes to placing your lights, be sure that the chosen space for them is in line with the ideal height for your mirror, and check that the construction of the light is watertight and safe – far too often we see buyers choosing unsuitable lights which very quickly lose their sheen when water droplets start to appear on the inside of the casing due to insufficient waterproofing. Avoid this with a proper bathroom bar lighting set from a specialist lighting and bathroom installation retailer.

Other bath bar lights can be found in department stores and bathroom accessory stores, with many modern home magazines including inspiration and ideas for optimising the look of your space and the way it uses light.

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