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Bathroom Flush Lights

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Bathroom Flush Lights

Designed as a ceiling light with a difference, bathroom flush lights sit close to the ceiling in a self-contained structure, providing aesthetic balance and style without the need for hanging features or large statement pieces to draw attention. Far from the ceiling lights of the rest of a home, which feature hanging bulbs and low level lampshades, bathroom flush lights are far less extravagant in their construction and tend to replicate more of a single object attached to the ceiling rather than a series of hanging components. One of the best things about bathroom flush lights is that their large flat design means the light can shine in all directions – providing a balanced light across the whole room and making the space appear as large and bright as possible. Positioned in the centre of the ceiling, we tend to find that the larger the light the more presence it has – though as modern homes become evermore popular, homeowners have retracted their preference for large and ornate styles – instead opting for contained lights which use neutral colours and all manner of materials.

The best designs of bathroom flush lights

When length and depth do not feature as part of the design choice, it becomes all the more important that the basic structure and its width is taken into consideration with regards to the space it needs to fill. Some of the most popular and common designs on the market take a very basic round light fixture and attach it to the wall for a 360 flood of light – though the modern affinity for angular designs and straight lines has brought square and rectangular shaped flush lights into the spotlight.

Health and Safety

When you’re lighting a bathroom space in particular, a regard for health and safety should be top of the list when it comes to finding the right product. This means ensuring the fittings are safe and securely fastened by a professional, and also checking that the IP rating is safe in line with the conditions of a bathroom – given its high levels of moisture and condensation at regular intervals. In terms of the size of the light, of course a larger light will provide more illumination in the room – and you will likely find that the quality of the bulb products a very white kind of light which really optimises visibility within the room. If you’re finding the right light for a relatively small bathroom, make sure that the location and placement of the light is such that a user can look in any mirror in the room without being blinded by a bright reflection of your light. For those dressing and furnishing a larger bathroom, we suggest keeping your lights a little dimmer but looking to install more of them – giving your bathroom a slightly more welcoming and cosy atmosphere that can easily become lost in the clean and hygienic white of a large bathroom space. Adding a few natural plants and wall decorations can be another way to add vibrancy and life to a large space – particularly if the light is such that its presence is quite cold in the room. When it comes to finding the right light for your bathroom, a flush light is perfect to create seamless light in both a large and small space – using the space you have in the best way possible to achieve a perfect bathroom space. For the best selection of bathroom flush lights – and top recommendations on how to install them safely and securely – head to bathroom lighting specialists and tailored bathroom designers.

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