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Bedside Tables

Framing the head of the bed from one or both sides, bedside tables have the power to transform the space around the bed and anchor the bed itself so it is not simply lost in the carpet or flooring surrounding it. From the most natural finishes to industrial metal structures, colourful bursts of vibrancy and even designs reminiscent of specific themes or nostalgic trips, bedside tables provide an opportunity to inject the practical surface into something a little more playful – with many of our members choosing the bedside table as a way of expressing their decorative theme in the most obvious way.

Embracing a theme through your choice of bedside tables

The beauty of bedside tables is that, whether you opt to place one at one side or both sides, the sea of bed in between them breaks up whatever style you opt for, and thus relegates a vibrant table pattern to just a small area of the room. Some of the most popular bedside tables embody bold patterns and colourful designs as a means of brightening up a room which is otherwise quite neutral – providing personality and a flash of fun to frame the relaxing oasis of the bed in the middle. On the other end of the spectrum, the market is also packed full of bedside tables which embrace the very heart of modern design and showcase their natural state – whether it be sheets of metal hammered together to create an industrial finish, or natural chunks of oak sanded down and varnished to act as table tops but still resemble their outside life.

The best bedside tables for a small bedroom

A thorough search across our homeware and furniture retailers will provide you with a choice of different styles and sizes, as well as allowing you to see which kinds of table are optimum for smaller and larger spaces. If you are dressing a smaller bedroom, opting for slightly higher tables with a smaller surface area are a good option, with many of these offering additional shelves to maximise the amount of storage space you can get from each table. You can also brighten the space up and make the room feel a little bigger with these handy tips:

  1. Keep your bedside tables in the most natural, neutral or light shades possible

  2. Consider placing a large mirror beside or on top of one of your bedside tables, to make the room appear larger

The best bedside tables for a large bedroom

If you’re dressing a large bedroom, size is not an issue, but you may be looking at using your bedside tables as a means of creating more of a cosy and welcoming vibe in your bedroom. In this case, use warm lights and lower level tables which expand a little more into the surrounding space – stopping your bed and bedside tables from becoming lost in an expanse of empty space, and instead creating textures and levels where before there were none.

Where to find the best bedside tables

When it comes to buying the best bedside tables, some of our favourite models and the ones we know our members will love, are available through dedicated homeware retailers who specialise in stylish furniture with a modern twist. Bedside tables today need to cater for lighting solutions, technology, books and more, and so designs which have been created with all these demands in mind are perfect for the modern buyer – particularly those which also encompass extra drawer space and layers or shelves into their designs and structures.

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