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Blackout Curtains

Boasting a handful of benefits which not only have a positive impact on your sleep quality but also on the warmth of your home and your subsequent energy bills, blackout curtains are one of those trends which came onto the market for a specific purpose and seem set to stay. Contrary to popular belief, blackout curtains do not have to be black – in fact, most aren’t. The beauty of blanket curtains is that the majority of their effectiveness comes from the layering of material and the thickness of the fabric rather than its colour and texture, meaning that you can achieve your ideal style and aesthetic appearance while still benefitting from that blackout quality.

The benefits of blackout curtains

The one obvious benefit of investing in quality blackout curtains is the fact that they protect the room from the filter of shining light – making them particularly useful in the summer months when the sun rises early and sets very late. We tend to find that, for this reason, blackout curtains are most popular across bedrooms, with homeowners often leaving their living spaces served by thinner lights which provide more of a frame to the window rather than covering it. However, if you do decide to opt for blackout curtains in your living space, they can provide an ideal setting perfect for movie night or relaxing at the end of a long day. Another underrated benefit of blackout curtains is their effectiveness during cold weather, acting as the ideal insulators for a room which can otherwise be subject to chills. Because of this, blackout curtains are particularly beneficial against large windows and patio doors which can often let chills in – and sometimes homeowners even hang blackout curtains against inside doors in order to provide a shelter around the edges of the door. If you do decide to use blackout curtains as a means of insulating a room, make sure that the fabric reaches the very edges of the window or door frame, and extends all the way to the floor. Effective insulating can in fact be a money saver, saving you money on your energy bill – making blackout curtains a worthy investment. The other benefit of blackout curtains is the way that they filter out not only light and cold air, but also noise – creating noise-free spaces where the thickness of the fabric blocks out outside noise.

Dressing your home with blackout curtains

Whether you choose to get off-the-shelf blackout curtains or have yours tailormade for a specific location in the home, we recommend taking into account the thickness of the material and ensuring that the colour and texture of the fabric is not so heavy that it completely dominates the room and the space around the window. Too much material can quickly make a room seem overfull and busy, so if you decide to get floor length curtains then hang back on your other soft furnishings and where possible keep furniture as natural as possible. The other thing to consider with blackout curtains is how they will be operated – whether you will install a cord to pull them across the window, whether they will be opened and closed by hand, or whether you will install a mechanism which opens and closes them at the touch of a button. Blackout curtains are notoriously heavy and thick, so take care to ensure that your opening and closing method is as easy as possible for maintenance and easy use.

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