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Blanket Boxes

Typically found along the foot of the bed, blanket boxes provide the perfect place in which to store not just blankets but also extra bedding, comfortable pyjamas and onesies for those cold nights, and your favourite selections of books to curl up with in the evening. Available in a wide variety of styles and finishes, suitable for any home or decorating style, the retail market is full of blanket boxes – the biggest challenge our members face as buyers, is selecting the best one for their home.

Selecting the best spot for your blanket box

Though many choose to store their blanket box in the bedroom at the foot of the bed, there is no rule to say they can’t live elsewhere – with blanket boxes also providing the perfect foundation for a window seat, a hallway storage solution, or even a well dressed surface with concealed storage in the corner of a spare room or dressing room. Similar to the popular Ottoman’s which ooze sophistication and a high quality opulent finish, some of the blanket boxes available are covered with a fabric outer layer which gives them additional texture – perfect for children’s rooms where the softer the surface, the safer it is for young children. Those boxes made from more natural materials, however, are best suited to life outside the playroom.

Top considerations when buying a blanket box

There is nothing worse than purchasing a blanket box only to find that the interior isn’t big enough to hold everything you want to store. When you measure the box of your choosing, remember to consider that the exterior will count for some of the space and that the thickness of the outer material will have an impact on the actual space made available inside the cavity. Once you’ve determined that the box is big enough to store your possessions, you can turn to the design. What kind of style are you hoping to emanate in the room, and how can you use the blanket box to embrace that style? A wooden blanket box is perfect for a rustic or more relaxed vibe, whereas boxes painted with a glossy white or coloured surface create more of a contemporary and clean finish. In terms of the mechanism which holds the box open, you will want to ensure that your blanket box comes fitted with the kind of hinge which props the box securely open – and limits the closing to more of a steady drop than a slam. Not only is this an important safety feature for users of all ages, but it will also extend the life of your blanket box by protecting the surfaces from constantly being slammed together.

Where to buy the perfect blanket box for your home

The market is full of blanket boxes fit for any home – but sometimes we know that our members are looking for something a little more personal. While some artisan retailers and independent stores may offer personalisation to their boxes either through painted words or stamped initials, after purchasing your box it may be just as easy and effective for you to undertake a little DIY and stamp your own personality onto the exterior – with plenty of craft and DIY stores offering stencils and spray paints perfect for the job. For the most popular blanket box designs, homeware and furniture retailers provide the widest selection – with most pitching wooden structures or the more affordable wooden-style finish made with MDF and other similar materials as their most popular and versatile products.

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