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Blankets & Throws

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Blankets & Throws

Often regarded as one and the same item by both retailers and homeowners, blankets and throws are both heralded for their versatility and the extra level they add both to the comfort and aesthetic value of a room or a specific item of furniture. When we break it down to assess the differences between these two large stretches of fabric, we tend to recognise that throws are made from a much thinner material and are ideal as sofa, chair or box coverings, to alter and adjust the material feel and the look of a seat or box. Blankets on the other hand tend to be much fleecier and thicker in their construction and are designed to add warmth and extra comfort to the user rather than adjusting the appearance of the furniture piece. That’s not to say that throws cannot add comfort, but they tend to be selected for the way they look while blankets focus on feel and texture.

The best throws for a modern bedroom and living space

One of the best things about selecting a throw for a modern home is that you likely are starting with a fairly blank canvas, with modern homes focussing on neutral colours and very natural materials instead of a specific use of colour or tone. As such, buyers find that they can use a modern throw in any way they like, either to add a pop of colour or else to embrace the neutrality of a modern space with more focus on texture and material feel rather than colour vibrancy. Some of the most popular throws on the modern market take very popular shades and replicate them through different tones, creating subtle patterns which are really only obvious once you get up close to the throw. This basic use of colour adds depth and texture to the most basic of items, instantly elevating the overall appearance of the throw and the piece of furniture it is draped over. Popular colours for a modern home include mustard yellow, various shades of grey, and monotone contrasting shades like black and white.

The best blankets for a modern home

This is where you can throw style out of the window, with most homeowners choosing instead to invest in a blanket box which they can use to store and conceal their outrageous and vibrant blankets when not in use. A blanket is primarily selected for its feel and comfort, and so the most important factor in choosing the perfect piece should focus on and relate to the way the user reacts and enjoys the feel of the blanket. While some are cut from a single piece of fleecy or thick fabric, others boast filling which is fitted between two pieces of material – altering both the price and the heat retentive qualities of the blanket. And for those who get really cold particularly during the cold winter months, consider the value of a heated blanket which can sit atop your bedcovers or else can lie between you and your duvet for added warmth and comfort.

The best blankets and throws for children

Blankets and throws for children are where you can get really creative, injecting colour, patterning, vibrancy and popular characters into the design and overall finish of a room. We tend to find that children use blankets and throws interchangeably, so focus more on aesthetics than on fabric to provide them with something that they will love and treasure. For the best selection of blankets and throws for every room and every home style, head to soft furnishing and homeware retail stores.

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