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Chaise Longues

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Chaise Longues

When a homeowner buyers a new home and decorates it in their desired style, so many ideas and inspirations come from the movies we watch and the magazines we read. As a result, our homes become filled with the items that help us to create an atmosphere and lifestyle which we want to emanate for ourselves – whether it be with a large open plan kitchen, a certain decorative style as shown in a magazine, or luxurious items of furniture which we see in all the movies. And there is no piece of furniture more extravagant or luxurious as a chaise longue.

Designed to sit in a large bedroom or open living space, a chaise longue sits somewhere on the scale between a bed and a sofa – often made with a long stretch of surface and then a cornered padded backrest at one end – providing comfort and somewhere for the body to lean and rest against while the legs stretch out and enjoy the space.

Top uses of a chaise longue

Of course, if you are going to treat yourself to an extravagant chaise longue for your bedroom, we first recommend clearing a space large enough to give it the grand surrounding it deserves – with many members choosing to locate their piece next to a window or beside a really stylish floor lamp for optimum light. Chaise longue’s make a really comfortable reading spot so make you have enough light around it to aid your eyesight, without completely destroying the graceful elegance of a soft lit chaise longue.

When it comes to surrounding your chaise longue with the right kind of vibe, we first recommend keeping your piece far away from a laundry basket or clothing garment dumping ground. So many homeowners turn every surface in the bedroom into a pile of clothing, completely removing any elegance or romance they were hoping to achieve – something which the chase longue is great at providing in any room given enough space to do so. One of the best ways to really set the piece apart from the rest of your room is to place it on a thick pile rug, immediately creating some form of a boundary which – even though it won’t actually stop things from being thrown onto the piece – will at least serve as some kind of visual reminder that this is a piece to be admired and left clear.

Choosing the right chaise longue

In terms of the right style, the first thing to note is that every chaise longue is grand – that simply comes with the construction and design of the piece. What can change its appearance according to your own tastes is the material you opt for and the colour.

Some of the most popular pieces on the market are covered with a velvet style finish, as this opulent material is what allows the pieces to revel in its own stand out grandeur. In terms of colour, this should be selected based on the size and light in your room, with large open rooms able to benefit from darker or brighter colours, while we always recommend furnishing smaller or more limited space rooms with very pale neutral items in order to maximise the appearance of space.

If you aren’t keen on velvet, consider a chaise longue in more of a cotton or canvas style fabric – maintaining the durable exterior finish while still keeping it high in quality.

Some of the best chaise longue on the market can be found in high end furniture retail stores and designer stores.

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