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Chandelier Lamp Shades

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Chandelier Lamp Shades

A chandelier is a dazzling feature, but you may want that to be a metaphor rather than a literal reality. Whether you want to accessorise your light feature or you would like to diffuse the light gently, you can achieve that with a chandelier lampshade. The material you choose can have an immense impact on the end effect. You could go for paper, translucent glass, metal or a whole range of fabrics. Some surprising combinations may work more smoothly than you think, but it is worth choosing your combination with care. Many fixtures may look bare without shades, particularly those that have fixings to mount a lampshade on each arm or cluster of lights but even those without can benefit from a mix of texture and structure.

In terms of value for money, you get more than you pay for with a chandelier lamp shade. A dated fitting can be made more contemporary with the right shade and you can use the platform of a beautiful chandelier to make an incredible statement. If you have other lighting features in the room, you could also use the shades to help the different lights in the room co-ordinate. Go for a matching pattern or a family of similar colour shades.

You could go for a traditional set of chandelier lamp shades. These are usually conical, direct light mainly downward into the room. Traditional shades are mostly fabric over a frame, which means your choice of fabric will make a big difference but there are also glass chandelier lamp shades. You can often have these shades re-covered or dyed at a later stage, so there is more versatility built-in than you might originally think. You could also choose to have the same or similar fabric with the rest of your upholstery.

Cotton and silk fabrics are popular choices and the range of fringed, tasselled and embellished edgings is endless. A rope trim to match your curtain ties could be a subtle nod to an overall theme.

Traditional isn’t the only option when it comes to chandelier light shades. Some modern shades come in simple shapes that complement an unorthodox shape. For example, simple white glass globe shades to go over the end of a sputnik chandelier’s spokes or smoked glass orbs to cover smaller bulbs and add a sense of mood lighting. You can also use modern textures like linen, handmade artisan paper lampshades for a nod to Japanese interiors or a hand-dyed organic silk with a curated uneven finish.

Drum pendant lights are a good option to consider for large chandelier lamp shades, particularly if they are larger than the outside ring of the chandelier. The drum-shaped lampshade gives a ring of block colour around the varied and shifting lights of a chandelier. You can use that block colour to contrast with a more florid chandelier. You still benefit from the attractive reflections onto the ceiling and the floor below without being wedded to a traditional design.

A chandelier lamp shade can also be used to dial up the old world glamour. A large drum-shaped chandelier lampshade in a thin, gauzy fabric looks like a veil over diamonds. A thin cover only increases the mystique of the ornament inside. White lace, black gauze or a thin silk that allows the outline of your lights to come through is an opulent statement. Particularly if you have a multi-layered crystal chandelier with the lower layer of crystals peeking out.

Chandelier lamp shades don’t have to be hard work, with some fixtures already featuring spaces to allow click on lampshades and others being as simple as adding a large round container shade.

Go for pretty conservative milk glass shades or bohemian macrame, to shabby chic or salon sophistication. Shades are your way to make your chandelier gorgeous in your setting rather than just in theory.

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