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Cheval & Floor Mirrors

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Cheval & Floor Mirrors

When it comes to checking our complete overall appearance in the mirror before we go out, finding something at the right height with the right degree of tilt can often be easier said than done – particularly for those taller than the average mirror.

Floor Mirrors

The fact is, floor mirrors and those which lean against a wall are stylish to look at and super pleasing to the eye and the illusion of a larger room, but through tilting towards the ceiling a little as they sit against the wall, they immediately distort the reflection and provide an inaccurate representation of how you look. This also often cuts off the bottom of the outfit and your shoes, leaving you with an incomplete reflection which is often frustrating and annoying – while straightening it out leaves you at risk of knocking the mirror forward due to its lack of balance.

Another issue with floor mirrors is that the length of them is often not enough to give you full representation of your oval appearance – with many buyers finding themselves having to rest their floor mirror on some kind of stand or plinth in order to provide a full view. Though this can sometimes be a good thing, often it takes away from the stylish appearance of the floor mirror on its own.

One advantage however is that floor mirrors tend to come in a whole range of widths, boasting some really ornate and intricately designed frames – making them standalone features which make a room look larger but also provide decoration in themselves.

Cheval Mirrors

Cheval mirrors are designed to combat these challenges and provide you with a mirror which sits above the floor and tilts freely on its own stand – completely freestanding with no need for a wall to lean on.

Built into a thin surrounding frame which often sits atop wheels or solid legs, cheval mirrors tend to be thinner in shape than floor mirrors, with many boasting curved edged designs as well as the more standard rectangles.

The benefit of a cheval mirror is that it can exist in any shape without needing to rely on a balanced and stable surface in order to stand up. The tilt of the mirror on its own axis also means that the user can adjust the mirror quickly and easily to get a full view dependent on their individual height – making cheval mirrors particularly beneficial for families as everyone can use the same fill length mirror with a little personal adjustment.

In terms of the overall aesthetic value of a cheval mirror, they tend not to be as stylish or modern as the standalone floor mirror, though they are equally if not a little more practical. While floor mirrors are often bought as much for their decorative value as for their functionality, cheval mirrors tend to be more practical than decorative, particularly given their frame which can offset the value of the attractive mirror and its ornate border.

When it comes to considering the purchase of a cheval or floor mirror, you should take time deciding where the mirror would be best placed – ideally opposite a large window so that it reflects the light and creates the illusion of a larger and brighter room. You should also give thought to how it will be used, and the kind of frame that will best suit and compliment your space – whether it be natural wood or a smoother painted surface.

Whatever you choose, both styles of mirror can be found in homeware retailers and department stores, as well as through specialist accessory providers and crafters.

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