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Children's Bedroom Sets

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Children's Bedroom Sets

From finding the right bed to providing adequate space for all their clothes, soft toys and other belongings, getting the balance of furniture right in a child’s room is no mean feat – with many retailers offering a variety of different bedroom sets suitable for children of different ages, for different room styles and even for different room sizes.

The fact is, finding the best bedroom set should not only depend on what your child wants, but also what suits the space you are dressing – for example if the room is typically quite dark, doing all you can to ensure the furniture set you choose doesn’t make it seem even darker. Similarly, if the room is designed to house more than one child, you want to make sure the furniture you select suits them both and leaves enough space for play and movement around it.

What is included in children’s bedroom sets?

Most popular bedroom sets on the market include a wardrobe, chest of drawers and bedside tables as a standard. Many of our members ask why bedroom sets often don’t contain an actual bed, and this is because the bed you choose is one of the most personal items you can get for the bedroom – with many external factors influencing the frame and finish that your child might need.

For more than one child, we recommend looking into bunk beds or midi beds, as these add an element of fun as well as the practicality of additional space. Midi beds are also great for single children in a smaller room, as the lifting of the bed itself leaves space beneath it for a play space, a desk or even a small chair for your child to read in.

In terms of the bedroom furniture sets then, finding a set to compliment the bed you opt for is key – with most homeowners settling for natural and neutrally coloured furniture sets in order to maintain a base level of style which is easy to add to and furnish around. White frames are particularly popular in the children’s bedroom set market, as are soft pale woods and other neutral shades.

Things to consider when you shop for children’s bedroom sets

Remember that child grow quickly, and a chair or table which seems the right size for them at one stage of their life may very soon be too small. It is important when looking at bedroom sets to consider the future and ascertain how long you want those items to be suitable for. We recommend opting for wardrobes and chest of drawers which are aimed at children/teenage age young people, as these foundational items will be useful for many years if you get the original purchase right.

Another thing to consider is the health and safety aspect of what you choose, with many homeowners doing what they can to avoid buying – or else cover up – sharp edges and points which could become a hazard. When it comes to dressing a child’s room, there is no hazard too small to attend to, so we suggest investing in some soft corner cushions which can be placed around the hard edges of wardrobes and other items.

And finally, space – how much space do you have, and how does this influence the bedroom set that you can purchase? Remember that even though you buy the full set, it doesn’t all have to be used in one room – with many members investing in entire bedroom sets but actually separating the different elements among other space in their home, so as to benefit from the discounted overall price without completely overfilling a single room.

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