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Children's Desks

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Children's Desks

Buying your child a desk at a young age may seem like an unnecessary purchase, with homework and extra credit not being applicable until they are at least in junior school, but we believe – as do many of our members – that giving your child a structured place to work and spend time putting their thoughts on paper in colour form or writing can actually help them to hone their creative skills and become more disciplined in utilising their time productively.

Whether it be a clear cut desk with a structured chair and tidy surface, or more of a portable work surface that they can use atop a comfortable beanbag or hair of their choice, will depend on your preference as a parent and your child’s ability to focus on what they are doing in any given location. We often find that while structured desks are ideal for older children, younger children actually benefit more from a hard tabletop tray which they can carry around with them and use where they want.

What features does my child’s desk need?

As an adult, we often find ourselves short on workspace – no matter how big the surface area of the desk actually is. Luckily, children tend not to have this problem, though we do recommend considering some of the following features and options to allow them to expand their creativity and use their desk as both a productive and enjoyable space:

  • Shelving or small sectioned off units where they can store different things

  • A frame or small fake plant to make them feel grown up – kids love to “play adult”, and many of our members often tell us that their children love it when they are made to feel responsible, replicating the actions of their parents in their own space

  • A pen pot for storing all their favourite pens and colouring pencils

  • Drawers and other stationary items

  • A constant supply of paper to jot their ideas and drawings on

  • A chair which supports them, is comfortable, and matches with the desk in terms of aesthetics and the fit

What do I need to consider when buying my child a desk?

One thing that needs careful consideration is the height of the desk, and where your child’s legs will sit underneath the main surface. Children grow quickly, and buying a set height desk which fits them one year may be far too small a few months down the line – meaning that you will have to replace it much sooner than you think.

One solution is to invest in a desk with adjustable legs, whereby the height can be altered in line with the ideal height for them to work at. Buying a similar chair with adjustable height will allow the child to alter their seat in line with the changing desk height – providing optimum support and comfort as they grow.

Another consideration is the space the desk will take up – though high street furniture retailers have done all they can to support with this, by offering everything from corner desks which slot nicely into a corner of the room, to lower desks which can sit under midi beds, right through to desks which can fold up into themselves when not in use and be stowed away to maximise the space available in the room.

Whatever your requirements, make sure you understand what your child needs from a desk and determine where it is going to live – in order to head to furniture and department store retailers with a good idea of what you need.

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