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Children's Flush Mounts

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Children's Flush Mounts

When it comes to providing adequate lighting for your child to read or play in, sometimes a naked bulb is the best solution. And for those rooms where a basic bulb is not interesting enough, we suggest exploring the wide range of flush mounts now available.

The idea of a flush mount is to provide a backing for the bulbs which seeks to enhance their design and ultimately elevate the visual finish – whether it be a basic backboard with an image that lights up through the bulbs, or a fully designed mount which sits alone on the ceiling or on a wall to add a little 3D depth to the design of the room while doubling as a functional light.

DIY flush mounts

The DIY interpretations tend to be basic backboards with lights studded into the design, for example the face of a clown where the bulb lights up as the nose, or a princess castle where the bulb sits at the heart of the tower. If your flush mount is intended as a main source of electric light in the room then you likely will want to opt for one larger and brighter bulb, whereas if the mount is purely for design and decorative purposes, you may find that smaller fairy light style bulbs actually add more interest and aesthetic value to the design as a whole. To create something unique, turn the decoration of the mount into a family activity which everyone can be a part of.

Design-focussed 3D mounts

These are the creations which stick out from the wall or ceiling as a standalone design feature, providing light almost as a secondary and additional use after first and foremost pulling a decorative theme together. Some of the most popular designs of these 3D flush mounts include football lights, lights made to resemble the moon or a star on the ceiling, and pale blue skies with a cloud or two passing by.

Equally, there are also 3D mounts with less of an overall theme and more of a fun pattern utilising popular motifs and characters for children, particularly ideal for the stimulation and engagement of small children who like to follow patterns which reflect onto the walls through the direction of light.

Things to consider when purchasing a children’s flush mount

First and foremost, no doubt the most important thing to consider when buying a flush mount is the brightness of the bulb – linked to the consideration and assumption that if the light is in any way interesting to look at, your child will spend time looking directly at it. As such, a bulb that is too bright can cause damage to their eyes, so you are always best off opting for something a little dimmer in its light.

The other thing to consider is more on the aesthetic side, and that is that your flush mount and light doesn’t have to be round. In fact, some of the best modern designs on the market encompass all manner of designs and shapes, including complete aeroplanes flying across the ceiling, pirate ships, butterflies, stars, and much more. Remember that your child will look up at the light every time they are in bed, and so the shape you choose presents an ideal opportunity to find something which will inspire and motivate them to follow whatever dreams they may have.

For some of the most imaginative and inspiring flush mount lights on the market, head to children’s bedroom retailers, light specialists and department stores with wide children’s wear sections.

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