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Children's Rugs

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Rug buying guide

Children's Rugs

When it comes to adding soft furnishings and vibrance to a child’s room or playroom, buyers tend to find themselves drawn towards bright block colours and materials which are regarded as soft and cosy – not just to add warmth in terms of the atmosphere created, but also to add a layer of padding which optimises the room’s comfort for a child. Rugs are a particularly beneficial accessory for any room in the home as they really pull together a theme or decorative style and add a level of extra texture without taking up any more space or adding clutter – however, when it comes to a child’s room they can be just as useful in adding an educational tool or favourite character reference.

Decorative children’s rugs

In the children’s rug market, the plain decorative rugs tend to be the least exciting in terms of imagination, instead bringing block colours and decorative patterns into the room to add vibrance and create a layer of different texture on the floor. We tend to find that these kinds of rugs with lots of different colours and shapes are great for very young children, as they stimulate and engage their vision and allow them to focus on the colours and shapes for developmental purposes, while also providing a soft surface on which the child can play.

Character rugs

These kinds of rugs are covered with pirates or princesses, and can very quickly become the backdrop to many different games – acting as the safe spot in a game of ‘Tag’, or representing the boat in a sea of lava which is the rest of the bedroom floor. In essence, character and themed rugs are those which really allow your children’s imagination to run wild and transform their bedroom into new worlds and mystical scenes.

Educational children’s rugs

These are the rugs which seek to teach the child something as they crawl around and sprawl out atop the soft surface – with popular examples including an interactive map printed rug with shiny seas and soft jungles and sands, scientific rugs with fun experiments detailed through visual artwork, and rugs related to hobbies such as those covered with train tracks or sporting images. The fact is, a children’s rug is something that will always be in the room and which they will always see – often from many different angles whether standing, sitting or lying atop the rug. Using this permanent decorative fixture as a method of education turns a standard rug into something useful and allows you to bring learning into their everyday lives very easily.

Buying your child’s rug

The main thing you need to consider with any children’s rug is the surface that it will sit upon, and how the underside of the rug will react with the that surface – for example will the rug slip across a hardwood or concrete surface, or will it be sat on carpet and so remain in place? If the former is the case in your home, invest in a rug friction mat which holds the rug in place atop a slippery floor and ensures that it cannot slip out as your children play and come running past – optimising the health and safety of your child’s room. It is also worth noting how easy the rug is to clean, with wipe-clean surfaces providing the best option for young children who may quickly create mess on a soft fabric or deep pile rug. The best children’s rugs tend to be found across homeware and children’s retailers, including department stores and accessory stores.

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