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Children's Storage Bags

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Children's Storage Bags

There are all manner of reasons why your children may need a storage bag – ranging from a bag to carry all their things to and from school, to a storage bag for their washing, a hanging bag rail for their different pairs of shoes, and a storage bag for different toys and items in different rooms of the house.

The fact is, a storage bag is a super convenient and portable means of encouraging your children to tidy up; something which they can store in any room of the house to help them tidy up after themselves and which helps them separate their different items and possessions into different segments.

Different types of children’s storage bags

  • A storage bag for school is one of the most important possessions your child will have, as this is what will carry all their schoolbooks and pens, plus a favourite toy or lucky charm. We recommend making a school storage bag something that your child gets to pick out every year to encourage them to use it and keep it safe and tidy, whether it be a specific colour or pattern, or adorned with their favourite characters or animals. Some of the best storage bags for frequent use include canvas bags which are super durable but also lightweight, with plenty of space. However, younger children may benefit from a backpack with two equal straps to support their back and neck fully – so make sure you do your research and allow your child to try a few different options before settling on one specific design.

  • A storage bag for each room of the home. This is a great and very innovative way to encourage consistent tidying and will keep your home clutter-free while also allowing your child to take some responsibility for their own “tidy bag”. You could hang this bag somewhere prominent or you could stash it out the way and only get it out when you need it – either way, we recommend selecting a storage bag for each room which blends in with its surroundings while also standing out and appearing appealing for the child. This could be a waterproof bathroom bag for all their bath toys, and it could be a neutral canvas bag for the living room or dining room.

  • A hanging bag rail for shoes is one of the most useful inventions of modern time, giving your children a place to hang all their different shoes in a way where they can see each pair easily while still keeping them well organised and tidy. These kinds of storage bags tend to clip to the back of a door and feature multiple pockets which each holds a different pair of shoes – making the phrase “find your schools shoes” a million time easier and quicker.

  • A personalised bag. Every child loves items which are personalised, and what better way to make them feel grown up than by giving them a bag with their name plastered across it. Trust us, they will love it – and they might even carry your things for you!

For the best selection of children’s storage bags, from bags designed to be concealed and hidden, right through to those they will want to showcase and carry around, head to gift stores, children’s retailers and accessory stores which stock all manner of shapes, sizes, patterns and colours. And if you’re worried about the bag getting lost, particularly when out and about, simply stitch your child’s name into the inner lining.

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