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Coil Sprung Mattresses

When it comes to getting yourself onto the mattress market, you may find yourself overwhelmed at the sheer amount of possibilities – not just in terms of size and aesthetic appearance, but also in terms of construction and the way that mattresses are made. In fact, in a move quite apart from many other markets and industries, the mattress market and its pricing structure is largely dependent on what you don’t see – focussing on the way that the support within the mattress is provided, and the upholstery atop that support which creates the layers of comfort we immediately feel when we lie in bed. Coil Spring mattresses tend to sit at the cheaper end of the mattress scale and are also known as open coil or traditional spring mattresses. Let’s take a closer look at how they work.

What is a coil sprung mattress?

Made using a cost effective open coil construction method, these mattresses are typically designed to sit at the entry-level end of the mattress marketplace and feature an open coil spring unit which essentially uses one continuous piece of wire formed into the space of a single spring. While they are cheap and easy to make – translating into a budget friendly end price for the buyer – they tend to offer little support in the way of firmness rating and are not always the best option for those who struggle to sleep.

Reasons to love coil spring mattresses

The benefits of coil sprung mattresses include:

  • They are heap to buy and to make

  • The construction method means they are lightweight and easy to move yourself

  • One size fits all – as in the mattress is ideal for any bodyweight

  • They do not retain heat and thus are a good option all year round, particularly for those who get very hot when they sleep

Things to consider if you choose a coil sprung mattress

With every benefit comes a challenge, and so it is worth noting that coil spring mattresses so offer a few challenges in terms of the overall effectiveness of their finish. For one thing, the single coil spring means that overall, the mattress provides less support than those which feature multiple springs. As such, we tend to find that buyers opt for coil sprung mattresses as guest beds and beds for young people, rather than older sleepers or those who struggle to get comfortable. When you choose your mattress, it is also important to acknowledge that while the spring is responsible for the support and the way that mattress feels overtime, it is the upholstery layers which provide your comfort and firmness – not the spring. Thus, you should take time considering the different upholstery options available, considering and taking into account things like the way natural materials may help with any allergies, and the way that multi layers will provide extra comfort over time. Upholstery also has a lot to do with breathability and heat retention, so make sure you have a thorough understanding about what is inside your mattress before you commit to buying. When it comes to choosing a coil spring mattress, we recommend heading to a bed specialist retailer or department store with a wide bed range, to ensure that you end up with a mattress which provides you with the best possible support and comfort all night long. And remember, a mattress is for use every night for a number of years – so invest in something high quality rather than skimping with something cheap that will be useless in a few short years.

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