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Console Tables

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Console Tables

Despite sounding like a gaming fans dream, console tables are in fact a super handy solution to provide storage to those little odds and ends that you want to keep in one place, without really knowing what to do with them, Typically found in hallways and entranceways, a console table is where you might find keys and post, along with spare batteries, hairbands and paper clips – among other strange and random items. In short, every family has a console table of sorts whether they know it or not – and now may be the best time in invest in a new one for your family hallway, to provide an attractive and user-friendly way of keeping all those items safe.

What is the difference between a side table and a console table?

A console table is typically longer and thinner than a side table, with lots of drawers and shelves of varying sizes to ensure that everything has a safe home. The most traditional console tables – which are still available through some artisan makers and department retailers with large retail collections – were created using just two legs as opposed to four, with the top surface supported and held up with intricate brackets which stretched from the front corners and then joined with the back legs which held the table in place. More recently this design has been revoked and altered to allow console tables to stand on four legs, as a matter of safety and to create more of a modern design finish.

How do I know where to put my console table?

The idea of a console table is that it is thin enough to sit along any wall without providing much of an obstacle, allowing your ease of movement around and in front of it. While many households choose to place their console table in a corner or alcove away from the main space of the room, your console table should act as a storage solution which is more useful than it is harmful to your space.

What kind of console table should I choose?

From intricate wooden designs through to more industrial metal finishes, perfectly painted modern finishes and mirror fronted tables fit for the most glamour hallways, the kind of console table you opt for should reflect the overall feel of your home. If you choose to place your console table in the front hallway or entrance way of your home, the chances are that it is one of the first items of furniture your guests will see – setting the first impression of your entire home. As such, we know our members will want to spend time finding the very best option for them and making sure it fits. For those on a budget or looking for something a little more unique, consider buying a standard console table and then adding to the design features yourself – whether through paint, distressing the existing surface, or simply accessorising with photo frames and plants.

Where can I find console tables?

Most homeware retailers and furniture specialists stock a collection of console tables, though it is worth noting that the larger the store, the larger the collection available. If the current market doesn’t have what you are looking for, consider expanding your search to encompass second hand sellers and retailers, who may have an older design which you can use to create a traditional feel in your home, or which you can breather new life into with your own style.

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