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Corner Desks

The primary function of a desk is to facilitate and support your working life – something which requires space, an inspirational setting, and enough room to organise both your thoughts and your work. While standard desks sit along one wall and can often take up a large chunk of space, corner desks slot ideally into one corner – maximising the space available both on the surface of the desk, while minimising the floor space and ensuring that the overall aesthetic of the room is clean and organised.

The top benefits of corner desks

As well as fitting well into a corner, corner desks also expand the surface area available for the user, not only providing two sides of the desk but also the depth of the corner itself – ideal for setting monitors back against the wall so that they are out of the way but still easily accessible. Corner desks also support a full range of movement but giving you space at either side to place work and keep moving, with the entire range supporting enough leg room to be comfortable. While traditional desks can easily be pushed into a corner to make better use of the room, accessing the end of the desk which is up against the wall will inevitably cause a cramped feeling which is difficult to make comfortable. For those looking at investing in a corner desk, we recommend exploring the options for swivel desk chairs to optimise your use of the space provided. Another benefit, and one which links nicely with the expanse of surface space available, is the under-desk space created with a corner desk. Not only does this mean your legs have plenty of room to be stretched out, but you can store paperwork, computer monitors or hard drives safely and securely.

Things to consider when buying a corner desk

The first thing to consider when buying a corner desk is the sheer amount of space it will take up – after all, while the surface space is mostly regarded as a benefit, the fact that the corner desk fills the corner means you do need to put thought into the best size and depth of desk for your room. Then there is the consideration around natural light and how best the room supports the addition of a corner desk in terms of lighting. Facing into a corner can often be quite a dark place to be located, so if possible we recommend selecting a corner as near as possible to a window so that the user can occasionally turn their head to benefit from natural light, or open the window to access some fresh air. And finally, storage. Many of the best corner desks on the market come with drawers and cabinets built into both sides of the L-shape, to create plenty of storage space for your important papers and the desk accessories you don’t want to display. Consider investing in a few desk tidies to ensure you keep on top of your possessions, so that you can use the desk surface primarily for work you are doing at that moment, and a few more decorative additions.

Buying a corner desk

Some of the best made desks are crafted from hardwood – though metal is also a popular base material for reliable and sturdy desks. For the widest range, head to furniture retailers and specialist office stores; both of which will often provide a showroom style which allows you to see the size of the desk fully assembled, and understand exactly how much space it will take up in your own home.

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