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Corner Sofa Beds

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Corner Sofa Beds

When it comes to offering guests a versatile place to sleep, corner sofa beds are the perfect choice. From effectively filling a bare room, to providing a space saving option for guest accommodation in a smaller home, corner sofa beds embrace both stylish design and practical functionality – without the effort required by a regular sofa bed. Due to the existing corner in the design, a corner sofa bed does not require inside mechanisms or hidden / collapsible mattresses. Rather, the corner which sticks out at 90 degrees from the sofa tends to be long enough to comfortably house a regular guest, allowing the sofa itself to become a bed simply by throwing on a pillow and a sheet.

What makes a good corner sofa bed?

Firstly, it is important for our members to note that a corner sofa and a corner sofa bed are not necessarily the same; with the key difference being the length of each side of the sofa. Many regular corner sofas have one long side and one much shorter, whereas to provide a comfortable bed, the corner sofa bed will often have both sides at an equal length. If you are looking at buying a corner sofa bed, it thus pays to first assess the room in which you want to place your sofa bed, and measure the available space. In terms of the top features to look for, there is a balance to be met between comfort and style – with much of this depending on how much focus the sofa will have in your home. If you live in a smaller home and are looking for a corner sofa bed which will also double as your main living sofa, design is as important as comfort in terms of fitting in with the rest of the home. If, however, the sofa will be living in a side room, primarily to be used as a guest bed with the potential addition of becoming a den or cosy space for everyday life, you may choose to opt for comfort over style.

How expensive are corner sofa beds?

As these items tend to be fairly large, the price point is typically a big higher than your average sofa bed. The price point will depend on the retailer and the finish of the sofa, including its fabric and overall design, as well as additional features. That’s not to say that a high price tag necessarily means it’s the best option. Leather for example may come in as a much more expensive option, though in this case we would advise our members to consider the comfort associated with leather seating – with true leather resulting in some creaking under movement which may put you off from using it as a bed. You may well find that a slightly cheaper fabric finish is far more comfortable to sleep on. We have seen multiple examples of two armed corner sofa beds which create a U-shape rather than a simple L-shape, which then becomes two guest beds rather than one. If you have the space, this is a great way to maximise on your guest bed potential. Another high-tech function we have seen, which our members may well be interested in, is the added mechanics which allow the end of the L shape to bend upwards slightly and create an angled pillow. For those who revel in hosting guests on a regular basis, this kind of additional function may well be a price worth paying for to ensure your guests comfort.

Where can I get a corner sofa bed?

Many high street and furniture retailers offer corner sofa beds, though it is worth noting that some do not specialise in corner sofas intended for use as beds – rather they offer the more traditional corner sofa with uneven L-length sides. Though these are perfectly adequate, they do not provide the same level of space or comfort as a dedicated corner sofa bed, and so are sometimes incorrectly captioned as beds.

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