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Corner Sofas

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Corner Sofas

When it comes to finding the perfect corner sofa, the options are no longer limited to a variety of coloured L-shaped sofas. Modular sofas are now a popular branch from the generic corner sofa design, allowing buyers to purchase their sofa in sections which can then fit together to create the desired angle, finish, and size. These, much like their corner sofa counterparts, tend to slot together simply with a latch near the bottom of the connected segment; ensuring that the parts will stay together and not drift apart, while also making the super easy to deliver and move about whenever you feel like a change of room layout!

The popularity of corner sofas

A corner sofa essentially embodies all the best parts of a full furniture set; providing plenty of seating space, a built-in footrest, space to lie down or lounge, and a comfortable little corner to curl up in. It’s an armchair, a sofa and a footrest all in one; encompassing it all in one sleek design which can either blend in with its surroundings or stand out as a focal point, and wrap itself around the edges of a coffee table with ease.

We know that our members love hearing about items which ensure the optimum use of living space, and in the case of a corner sofa, in the right room you are looking at furniture gold dust.

Corner sofas work best slotted into the corner of a room, pointing at a television, window or whatever else you choose to centre your living space on. Due to the immense popularity or corner sofas over the last couple of decades, they are now available at most furniture retailers at a variety of price points and design finishes – though it is worth noting that corner sofas can be quite bulky in person so always measure the space available before purchasing!

Top Tip: If you can’t find the perfect sofa you want in the ideal size for your space, use your imagination to achieve the finish you want. Anything from a series of cushions to the perfect throw or even a well-positioned light can change the appearance of a sofa, and turn it into the comfortable haven you want.

Making your own corner sofa

One question we get asked by members is whether or not they can push two sofas together to create their own corner sofa, and while this is entirely possible, it is perhaps not the best way to achieve the look you want. For one thing, simply pushing together two sofas will do nothing to hold them in place, and you may find over time that a gap between them starts widening – creating a hazard that you need to keep on top of.

The space that two individual sofas will take up is likely to be immense, so you would also need to ensure your living area was big enough to accommodate two full sized sofas pushed together.

The best places to get a good corner sofa

Due to the rise in popularity, most furniture retailers now boast their own range of corner sofas; ensuring that there is something available for most budgets. When it comes to looking for your own corner sofa, our key piece of advice is to measure your space and ensure that whatever you choose comes well within that space. It is also worth looking at the delivery offerings of your chosen retailer – all things which can be found readily available on their website, as well as through former customer reviews which always provide a good balance of opinions and facts.

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