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Corner TV Stands

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Tv stand buying guide

Corner TV Stands

If you’re lucky enough to have a large corner space in which to house your television, rejoice. By confining the television to a corner, you open your living room up to so much potential for other activities besides lounging – though much of this comes in creating the right layout and selecting the right TV stand which allows you to optimise your use of space without simply cutting off an entire corner and rendering it inaccessible. Corner TV stands typically come formed of a balanced V shape, slotting perfectly into the corner at the back with the surface narrowing into that corner, while still providing plenty of surface to carry the weight of the television at the front. Though this is the most popular design, there are variations available which range from rounder models to block-shapes and cubes which closely resemble a stack of Tetris blocks.

Design Considerations – what to look for when buying a corner TV stand

First off, not all corners are the same – and not all of them are right angles. This is the unfortunate truth which renders many high street corner units incompatible with some homes; instead requiring more of a defined and versatile design. Luckily, triangular units aren’t the only corner stands on the market. On performing a search for corner TV units, we found a series of different shapes which are well suited to any corner, with many of them even featuring additional drawers and cabinet space around the circumference of the unit; optimising the storage space available. One of the most popular designs – but one which requires plenty of space – creates a curve in the unit around the corner, rather than a straight edged right angle, fitting back into any kind of corner while still looking stylish and showing off the front of the unit from every angle. Another consideration is how you will manage the wires coming from the back of the television, particularly if the unit is pressed all the way back into the corner. In this case, many of the units available come with a hole already installed in the back, through which you can thread the wires and keep them both safe and out of sight – though in some cases you may need to add this yourself.

Where to go for the best corner television units

One thing we tell all our members is that a television unit should not cost a fortune. Corner TV stands are available in many affordable retailers and come in a range of colours and finishes, from solid wood to painted chipboard and even full glass unit designs. Inevitably you will pay more for a unit with concealed drawers and cabinets, and in fact some of the nicest units available on the market right now embrace a natural feel with surrounding shelves and cabinets – both stylish and practical. If you are working with a small area and want to maximise the space you have available in your living room, a corner unit ensures optimum use of an entire corner and provides a safe and solid base for your television. To make sure you get a unit that fits, ensure you measure your available space first and then consider the width of your television and any additional boxes or speakers. All of this should be able to fit onto your unit if you are smart with your space and plan in advance.

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