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Cube Bookcases

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Cube Bookcases

All too often we see buyers and members relegating their bookshelves to simple shelving stacks, believing that this is the most space-sensitive and useful way to store books so that the spines can be read and studied before a book is selected. After all, being able to look at the bookshelf and find what you are looking for quickly and easily is all a matter of display and organisation, and what better way to do that than with plain and simple shelves?

But what if we told you that there was a way of organising your books more intensely, while also adding a sense of fun and vibrancy to the book shelf itself and turning it into the kind of item which inspires and makes children and adults alike want to engage with its contents?

What is a cube bookcase?

A cube bookcase is one which is made up of a series of open-fronted cubes, often stacked one on top of the other in either a uniform manner of more of a random stack selection design, to create a visually intriguing finish – while still giving your books adequate space to be sat together with the spines on show.

Whether you select natural wood cubes for a modern living space, multi coloured cubes for a children’s room, or plain black cubes for an industrial finish, cube bookcases can be conducive with all manner of different home designs – it all comes down to how you utilise and furnish the bookcase, and how you use the space available.

The advantages of a cube bookcase

One thing we particularly love about cube bookcases is that, because of the small segmented spaces which keep small sections apart, the bookcase can in fact become a lot more than that – for example using one or two cubes to hold something completely different and break up the repetition of books all stacked together. Adding a vase of flowers in one of the cubes is one of the most stylish ways of breaking the monotony up and utilising the space effectively, while another option is to sit a couple of your very favourite books standing tall in one or two cubes, acting almost like a display in a store. This is a quick, easy and stylish way to use your favourite stories as a means of decoration as well as keeping them safe.

Another top advantage is that books can finally be broken down further to make searching for the perfect book much easier – for example assigning one cube to children’s storybooks, one to non-fiction and educational books, and one to your favourite fiction books. This instantly gives you more control over the way your books are displayed and will make selection much easier for the whole family.

And then there’s the way that cube bookcases utilise space and manage to make a space look larger by sectioning it off rather than trying to fill it with one large block piece of furniture. Cube bookcases tend to come in two different selections – you can either buy a large piece which is sectioned up but still all comes in one go, or you can invest in individual cubes which you then stack together yourself.

The former may be easier, but if you aren’t yet sure what kind of finish you want to achieve, looking for individual cubes to put together yourself gives you the option of separating them in the future or painting them in different colours and styles as your children grow up and their preferences change. Either way, cube bookcases are available at homeware retailers and furniture stores.

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