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Cushion Pads

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Cushion Pads

When we purchase new cushions or use cushions to dress various items of furniture and rooms in the home, we very rarely give a lot of thought to the cushion pads inside the case. After all, most cushions are selected based on their design and outward appearance, rather than the quality of their innards – and yet, when it comes to revamping and old and tired cushion, sometimes all it takes is a change of cushion pad. The truth is, the price tag of any cushion is most likely associated with the quality of its cover and the label behind the design – for example, designer cushions may look incredible and be crafted by high end designers, but the chances are that the cushion pads are the same as those sold alongside the cheapest of cushion covers. With most covers removable for easy washing, this means that it has never been easier to revamp your cushions or make them more comfortable – simply by adding a new cushion pad. But selecting the right one – and ensuring it is the right size – is no mean feat.

Choosing the right type of cushion pad

Most of the feel of any cushion comes from what the cushion pad is filled with – whether it’s the bouncy and soft feather filling, or the more reactive foam padding which adapts to your shape and provides more of a supportive cushioning. Most buyers often find that the natural fillings – for example feathers and down – are most expensive and provide a softer and more premium feel, while the synthetic fillings are cheaper. It is worth noting that cost doesn’t necessarily extend the life of your cushion – this has more to do with regular use than cost. For those who suffer from allergies, many homeware retailers now stock a specific range of hypoallergenic cushions which are designed to support your individual needs, so be sure to speak with an expert in store about the best options for you.

Making sure you find the right size of cushion pad

First and foremost, if you buy a cushion pad which is a little too small for your cushion cover, the end result will be flat and unappealing. If you want cushions which are plump and comfortable, make sure the cushion pad is the exact size – or even a little bigger – than the cushion pad. You may find that your cushion cover is a little different from standard padding sizes, as many retailers are now stocking their own distinct sizes in an effort to encourage buyers to purchase both the cushion pad and cushion cover from them. However, by sizing up a little you should still be able to fit the padding into your cover, without causing any damage. And remember, cushion pads lost some of their lustre over time with regular use, so even if it is a little bi at first this will soon deflate to fit your cover properly.

Using your cushion pad as a way to bring an old cushion to life

Even after washing your cushion cover, you may find that it is lacking in life – particularly for larger cushions which adorn big armchairs and sofas – and even large floor cushions. This is when you know you need a new cushion pad – both to improve the look and appeal of your cushions, and also to vastly increase the levels of comfort you get from them. For the widest selection of cushion pads, head to homeware and furniture retailers, and if in doubt about the size, take your cover with you to match up with the cushion pads and determine optimum sizing.

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