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Daybeds & Guest Beds

For those members lucky enough to live in large houses with frequent guests coming to stay, you will know that day beds and guest beds exist in two very different marketplaces – and yet can be crossed over as necessary. While guest beds could be everything from fully furnished and dressed double or king size beds in their own guest room, to pull out sofa beds tucked away in a main living space, the ability to put guests up to stay the night is a luxury that many homeowners look for – it is simply a matter of how much space there is available, and what the best option is to maximise space.

What are the various options for guest beds?

The type of guest bed you select for your home will depend almost entirely on how much extra space you have to play with. After all, a spare room may be a great luxury, but it should never come before suitable space for the permanent residents of the home. If you’re looking to save space, sofa beds, pull out beds and even large sofas can all be purposed into guest beds when necessary – with all creating an aesthetically pleasing daytime appearance which conceals its double use as a guest bed and so blends in with its surroundings. Daybeds are also a popular option for guest accommodation as they sit somewhere between a bed and a sofa; often used in the day time as somewhere to lounge comfortably – and as popularly found outdoors as indoors.

The different uses of a daybed

When it comes to exploring the various daybeds available on the market, members may find themselves torn between the outdoor garden range, and the indoor selection. ‘Daybed’ is actually a wide umbrella term which covers both styles of furniture – though outdoor furniture is little intended as an actual bed, and more meant for lounging in the sun and protecting oneself from harmful rays or drops of rain, indoor daybeds can easily be repurposed into guest beds due to their comfortable mattress style cushioning, and their sheer length and size which affords itself perfect as a bed. And it’s not just their use which sets indoor and outdoor daybeds apart. Their appearance is also wildly different. You will find that most daybeds available on the current market are long and rectangular – much like a regular bed or a sofa – but with three framed sides. This is because during the day and during sociable use, the three sides can be used as backrests – either plain or with added cushions. The fourth side is left uncovered, allowing users on and off the day bed as required. Outdoor daybeds, on the other hands, are mostly crafted with a circular design – particularly those on the more modern market which is concerned with aesthetics and shapes. You will find across most outdoor and luxury garden furniture retailers, that circle beds are covered with an awning which can be drawn across the top to shield the bed from sunlight – or adverse weather conditions – making it the perfect piece for any user. Make sure upon purchase that you take note of the size and height of the daybed when fully assembled and ensure it will fit in your outdoor space. By far the best retailers for both indoor and outdoor daybeds, and an array of different guest bed options, are furniture retailers – both homeware and garden specific. If you are on a budget consider buying second hand and committing to do the piece up yourself, or else look at previous season sales for older frames which can be dressed up with good decoration and furnishing.

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