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Desk Chairs

From full ergonomic features to a comfortable position and aesthetically pleasing design, your office chair is the heart of all your work. While an uncomfortable or under-supportive chair can leave you in pain, restless and unable to focus, a good chair which supports your wellbeing and position can lead to hours of great work – and a healthier lifestyle.

There are a number of reasons why investing in a good desk chair is so important, not least in terms of support, and practical use – for example easy to swivel and move around on. The appearance of a desk chair can also be a factor in creating a good and professional impression, both to your inner critic and to any visitors who come into your office. After all, what better way to channel a successful professional, than to look like one?

What is an ergonomic desk chair?

Many of our members ask us what they should be considering when buying a desk chair – and the answer is ergonomics. An ergonomic office chair typically supports the lower back with an adjustable seat height and back position. The width and depth of the seat is also crucial in selecting an ergonomic chair, with experts favouring those chairs which allow the user to sit with their back against the backrest without compromising the solid grounding of their feet on the floor. The lumbar support in an ergonomic chair allows you to ensure the proper fit of the backrest against your lower back, while the armrests should be adjustable and support a straight line with the elbows at right angles.

What should I look for when buying a desk chair?

Wellbeing and your personal health are the most important factors when purchasing a desk chair – but that doesn’t mean you should forget all about design and appearance.

Despite their practical use, not all ergonomic chairs are black and boring – with some high end models made from leather and other quality materials which are comfortable to sit on and look great in an office.

The other thing to look out for when purchasing a desk chair, is the size of it; making sure that its optimum height will also sit comfortable under your desk, allowing enough leg room for you to sit and move around.

Top Tip: When selecting the material for your office chair, make sure you consider the implications of that material all year round. For example, though leather looks great it can become quite hot and sticky in the summer months, while a more breathable cloth finish can ensure comfort all year round.

Where can I find the best desk chairs?

From office furniture designers to homeware retailers, office chairs fall under a category of their own though can often become mixed up in general seating options. When searching for an effective chair, ensure that you are aware of what you need, and don’t get lost in images of vibrant colours and stylish designs – these most likely will not provide the full support you need.

It is important for our members to note that while many ergonomic and wellbeing-friendly desk chairs look more serious when compared with other seating options, is it possible to dress these up with cushions and throws, and we encourage you to use your creativity to get the finish you want on a chair which will ensure you are able to work productively and properly for hours at a time.

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