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Dining Table Sets

When you sit down to eat a meal, whether in your own home, a restaurant, or someone else’s home, how much thought do you typically give to the way the tables and chairs compliment each other to create the desired vibe? Whether it’s the intricacy of a grand manor home or the modern edge attributed to a house full of neutral colours and straight lines, with the retail market packed full of different furniture options, finding the perfect dining tablet set for you is simply a case of research and exploring – encompassing everything from specialist furniture providers to custom makers, homeware stores and second hand boutiques.

What is included in a dining table set?

The first thing that we suggest our members consider, before they turn to style choices and material finishes, is the size of the table they need and the subsequent number of chairs that they want. We know a lot of our members and other buyers like to entertain guests around the dining table, and so investing a set with a few extra pieces is a good way to ensure you have adequate seating for your regular social plans, without taking up too much space. TOP TIP: It may seem like a good idea to purchase a larger table but only get a couple of chairs – preferring instead to rely on fold out chairs when guests come to stay – but give thought to the overall appearance of that table and chairs for the rest of the time. Not only does an underdressed table look bare and cold, but it can also throw the balance of your room and make it appear rather uninviting.

What kind of set should I be looking for?

The price points and overall designs of the dining table sets on the market right now are hugely varied, with some costing thousands of pounds while others can be brought from marketplace retailers for a steal. To decide where you should start your search, first look at the space you have and decide if your dining table is going to be the focal point in a room, or if you want it to simply blend into the background and sit against a wall.

Dressing my dining table set up or down

The way you accessorize the tables and their chairs will go a long way towards supporting this overall feel you create, with everything from tablecloths to candles and vases of flowers having the power to influence the style. For example a dark wood varnished table can be quickly livened and brightened up with the addition of some wide petalled flowers and some lighter place mats – while more of a rustic table set can be dressed both up and down depending on how you use decorative accessories and the chairs. A great example of users who use their dining table sets to set their mood, is restaurants catering to a specific cuisine or theme. Italian restaurants for example utilise checked tablecloths and tall unobscured candles to create a sense of being in Italy – something which you can replicate in your own home, and which can also provide a really clever and effective solution to young diners. Tablecloths are a renowned favourite for buyers wanting to keep their dining table sets safe from spillages and damage, but that doesn’t mean you have to just opt for a plain white or lace tablecloth – instead, use it as an opportunity to create different atmospheres and themes, engaging the imagination of diners and turning your dining room into a unique little home restaurant.

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