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Double Mattresses

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Double Mattresses

A double mattress is the right choice for you if you are one person who needs a generous amount of space or a couple. The size is almost the first thing you’ll need to check when you start to look for a mattress. A wooden or metal bed frame could last you decades but a mattress will usually need to be changed more regularly. Most doubles measure approximately 4.6 feet by 6.3 feet although some run a little smaller or a little larger, so make sure to measure for optimum comfort and convenience. A double mattress may become your most used item. You could spend up to 10 hours a day in your bed, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. For two people, it will be thousands of hours per year that you spend on just one object. Double mattresses are not just an option for couples. If you happen to be one of those people who needs to starfish in bed to achieve optimum comfort, then a small double could be perfect for you. Even smaller rooms can often accommodate a small double bed. Many people who have more compact rooms can strike the perfect balance between sleep space and living space by choosing a slightly larger double bed for a couple. If you and your partner are very different heights or weights, then you might want to consider a pocket sprung mattress. The confined springs operate independently of each other which helps the weight of one person not to impact on the other person in the bed. Some zoned memory foam mattresses can also isolate each individual by moulding around each person. Some sprung mattresses do not contain many insulating materials which means they are light, breathable and easy to turn. The other possibility to maintain the advantage of isolated sprung areas with a bit more warmth and insulation would be to have a natural filling material like wool or cotton. If you get a foam double mattress then it is possible to get a variety with a cooling gel layer at the top or a more breathable cover to help keep you fresh and cosy at once. The next thing to get right for a perfect slumber is to think about your sleeping position or both of your sleeping positions. If you are both keen on sleeping on your front, then a firm mattress often provides the best support to keep your back in a natural position. If you are side sleepers then a more forgiving loose spring mattress might be best for you to allow the pressure points at your hips and shoulders to sink in while your back remains straight. You could also look for an orthopaedic mattress that is designed to be more forgiving around sore joints but firmer in the middle to support your spine. If you wake up lying on your back most often then the most important thing for you will be to check that the mattress allows your tailbone and shoulders to sink in comfortably but still cradles your lower back. It is not necessarily a problem if you sleep differently because your different weights and sizes will also affect how you lie on a mattress and a back sleeper who sleeps well on a firmer mattress could easily sleep with a front sleeper on the same mattress. There are even double mattresses that have multiple zones with different levels of firmness. Nobody can solve the problem of who is hogging all the covers, unfortunately. A double mattress has a profound effect on your life, so be kind to yourself and buy something worth spending half of your time in.

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