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Dressing Table Mirrors

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Dressing Table Mirrors

The primary purpose of your dressing table is to create a place where the user can keep their products safe and easily accessible, sit down to apply products day and night, and check their appearance whenever necessary. In short, it’s a workstation all of its own, where your hands do the work and your appearance is the project. While many of our members love to frame their dressing tables with photos of family, vases full of flowers and personal trinkets, one thing that all our members and other buyers agree on is that every dressing table needs a good mirror. And with the power to completely transform the overall look of a room, the style of mirror you opt for is just as important as the table itself.

The best styles of mirror for a dressing table

Not only does your mirror need to sit at just the right height for you when you sit down at your dressing table, but it also needs to provide an accurate portrayal of how you look, and suit the style of the room around it. Some of the mirrors we particularly love are created by artisan designers who create rustic looking mirrors in large sizes, with wooden frames or window panes separating the different pieces of mirror – however these are not suitable for all homes. Sometimes, all you need is a simple freestanding mirror to perch atop your dressing table – or a small mirror which hangs on the wall behind your dressing table. For those members who are looking for a mirror with the ability to provide a close-up view, spinning mirrors often found in healthy and beauty stores come complete with two different mirror views – the regular reflection on one side, and more of a close up reflection on the other, suitable for plucking stray hairs or applying delicate make up.

Things to consider when selecting and installing your mirror

When you’re finding the best mirror, as well as the style and overall finish and how the mirror works with your dressing table, there is also the small matter of finding the perfect location – one which benefits from plenty of natural light, and yet is also sensibly located to ensure the best possible use of space and enjoyment from the room. When you’re finding your mirror, think about what you will use it for – whether it will be just for sitting down, or whether you will also want to use the same mirror to check your whole outfit. In the case of the latter, a full length mirror may be more suitable, with a smaller desk sized mirror sitting on your dressing table to support you with those fine details and finishing touches.

Where to find mirrors that will last - and clean up well after regular use

Cleaning your mirror is a task we all hate, and which always seems far more difficult than it should be – but if you are determined to keep your mirror sparkling and portraying the best possible reflection, you need to keep it clean. A drop of vinegar on a soft cloth should cut through any grease and provide a sparkling finish. In terms of finding the best and most reliable mirrors, you need to look at the mount which comes with the mirror and how structurally sound the frame is – ideally protecting the reflective surface from any breakages. For the best made designs, head to department stores and homeware retailers, under the understanding that the more you pay for your mirror, the higher quality it will likely be.

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