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Dressing Table Sets

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Dressing Table Sets

Whether your dressing table boasts its own room, sits in the corner of a bedroom, or is simply made up of a series of products gathered around a small mirror on your bathroom sink unit, having a place to get ready is important for many homeowners – men and women alike.

Investing in a dressing table set may seem to some like an unnecessary expense, but what we found when talking to members is that a dressing table is actually a chance to inject some personality into a room, with the mirror making the room appear larger with the reflection of extra light, and the aesthetics of the table and chair itself providing a design focal point. That is, if you select a set which matches your space.

Finding a dressing table set to match your room

Most dressing table sets tend to come with a table, boasting different levels and drawers, alongside a matching chair or stool and a built in mirror. The value of a dressing table as opposed to a regular table is that the different levels give you various storage solutions for your products, maximising the surface space while also allowing you to keep your items concealed and kept organised and tidy rather than spreading them out all over a single surface.

Some of the best dressing tables we have seen factor in the standard table and then include different compartments and sections which are removable and adjustable – allowing the user to create their own space based on their requirements and the drawers they need more frequent access to. The best dressing table sets tend to mount the mirror into a stable structure which can again be moved around at will – letting the user put it to the back of the table for a full face view, or else bring it closer to focus on different features of the face individually.

In terms of style and design, dressing table sets with matching chairs or stools come in all manner of options, ranging from rustic imperfect wood finishes to the very modern and sleek glass surfaces and smooth painted layers.

One way of designing your own perfect finish, utilising all your favourite colours and providing your room with a real pop of colour and vibrancy, is to invest in a solid white dressing table and set and then use your own creativity to adapt and alter the different drawers with their own painted surfaces and handles; adding a colourful fabric upholstered cushion to the stool or chair, and finishing the look with potted plants, photos and other messages of inspiration and motivation.

Where to find the best dressing table set

If you are looking for a completely complimentary and brand new dressing table set, your best option is to head to furniture design retailers and homeware accessory stores. If, however, you are seeking individual pieces or else looking to pull together different items to create your own stylistic set, consider mass market flatpack purchases which are cheaper to purchase but can be accessorised and decorated according to your own style.

We recommend finding the perfect spot for your dressing table before making any decisions about design, as the amount of natural light and the colour of the surrounding walls can impact the effectiveness of the dressing table in terms of providing you with a true representation of your appearance in both daylight and at night. Finally, invest in a really good bright light and never let it leave your dressing table!

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