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Entertainment Units

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Entertainment Units

The best thing about the current market offering entertainment units is their versatility and range of sizes, designs and finishes. From simple practical stands through to wall units and built-in extravagant surrounding shelves, the umbrella term “entertainment unit” covers all manner of products and items, encompassing the finest in TV stands, floating shelves, and wall-mounted cabinets.

Identifying the best entertainment unit for your home will depend the space available, the layout of your living room, and the overall decorative finish you want to achieve. Many of our members seek out the best furniture to maximise the space they have available, and so one of our top tips is to allocate a certain amount of wall space for your entertainment unit, allowing the television, stereo system and any other technology to be confined to one area against a wall – ideally near to a plug socket to eradicate the need for trailing wires and extension cables.

What to look for when buying an entertainment unit

With such a vast range of products available under the “entertainment unit” heading, the first thing to do is to assess the area you have available, and make note of everything you want to store in and around the unit.

If you are looking for somewhere to house your Tv and speaker system, a simple stand may do the trick; whereas those who require multiple cabinets and shelving units will tend to prefer the large wall-covering units which attach to the wall and offer storage at multiple heights. The latter is particularly useful if you have a lot of things you want to store and display, but not much floorspace, as it allows you to build upwards across one wall rather than simply placing more units onto the limited floor surface.

Many of the units available come in neutral colours – namely a natural wood finish, or else a black or white design, as the most popular searches are for units which blend in rather than create stand out focal points.

Top Tip: For those members who prefer something a little more vibrant, consider painting certain shelves or inner units in different colours, or simply decorate the units with something other than just technology – for example adding potted plants, paintings and other colourful artefacts to the shelves. This way you can create a statement piece which is still practical.

Where to find the best entertainment units

In searching for entertainment units across the vast range of homeware and home style retailer brands we offer, you will find that cost and quality come hand in hand. Many of the units available, particularly the larger ones, will come as flatpack items which will need to be assembled – unless you pay the premium to have a readymade item delivered.

While homeware and department stores are a great option for affordable and reliable pieces, some of the more unique in design will come from independent retailers and craftsmen, particularly those fashioned from natural wood, or else from more high end designer retailers who are renowned for modern and minimalist designs.

One of the new features we are seeing across the entertainment unit market is an increase in the use of floating cabinets and shelves; whereby each piece is independently attached to the wall with no stand, enabling it to look as if it is part of the wall itself. Not only does this provide a modern and sleek finish but it also allows the buyer to identify the exact height and position of each piece of the unit, providing a tailormade experience which we know our members will love to learn more about.

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