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Entertainment Units

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Tv stand buying guide

Entertainment Units

Entertainment units are among the most versatile furnishings in a modern home – not least because of the range of finishes available, from modern entertainment units to more rustic oak entertainment units, but also because of the different ways in which they can be used.

The umbrella term ‘entertainment unit’ encompasses a wide array of products which include but are not limited to TV stands, floating shelves, wall mounted cabinets, and standing units – and that’s before we consider complimentary features such as TV entertainment units with fireplace capabilities and other integrated storage.

Identifying the best entertainment unit for your home will depend on the space available, the layout of your living room, and the overall decorative finish you want to achieve. Many of our members seek out the best furniture to maximise the space they have available, and so one of our top tips is to allocate a certain amount of wall space for your entertainment unit, allowing the television, stereo system and any other technology to be confined to one area against a wall – ideally near to a plug socket to eradicate the need for trailing wires and extension cables.

Why We Love Entertainment Units

  • A diverse solution to living room storage, entertainment units connect a multitude of shelves and cabinets at different levels and with different installation finishes – with options suitable for all settings.

  • A large entertainment unit complete with a TV stand will allow you to conceal all wires and electric sockets, creating a clean finish for a modern home.

  • The separate elements of a modern entertainment unit enable homeowners to create and install their unit to fit the space, creating a bespoke finish.

  • Modern entertainment units are designed with all home styles and interior designs in mind – be it an oak entertainment unit for a rustic home, or a TV entertainment unit with a fireplace to warm up the aesthetic of a neutral and modern living space.

  • Centre your entire living room around the entertainment unit, which becomes an effortless focal point.

Entertainment Unit FAQs

What are the different types of entertainment units?

Entertainment units vary from large structures to freestanding units, wall-mounted shelves, and more.

One of the new features we are seeing across the entertainment unit market is an increase in the use of floating cabinets and shelves; whereby each piece is independently attached to the wall with no stand, enabling it to look as if it is part of the wall itself. Not only does this provide a modern and sleek finish but it also allows the buyer to identify the exact height and position of each piece of the unit, providing a tailor-made experience which we know our members will love to learn more about.

What is the difference between a TV stand and an entertainment unit?

In short, an entertainment unit encompasses a TV stand and much more – offering a broader and more versatile solution which connects all of your entertainment storage and display around one overarching structure. An entertainment unit is an excellent choice for those homeowners who want to present a cohesive and harmonious aesthetic throughout their living space, centring the TV screen itself, speakers, and other accessories around one focal point.

Depending on the size of your living space and exactly what you want to store and display within and as part of your entertainment unit, homeowners can choose from TV entertainment wall units and freestanding solutions – with modern entertainment units often bridging the two to optimise the use of floorspace through the use of different levels.

How do you style a TV entertainment unit?

The beauty of an entertainment unit is that it presents a range of surfaces and storage spaces which can be used to both conceal and display different items. Whether you opt for the clean and modern aesthetic of a white entertainment unit or opt for an entertainment unit with shelves and different levels, homeowners will find that most units facilitate the concealment of wires and plugs, leaving the surfaces free to dress with your choice of decorative accessories and personal items.

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