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European Sized Mattresses

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European Sized Mattresses

If you have ever entered a bed retail showroom and spent time wandering up and down the aisles taking in all the different mattress options and sizes, you may have noticed a discrepancy between beds with the same name labels but different end sizes. The easiest way to categorise European sized mattresses is to simply state that they are longer than generic mattresses, essentially offering the sleeper more room to stretch out – meeting the high demand in Europe where the standard body type is often regarded as slightly taller than that of the average UK individual.

Why might I need a European sized mattress?

In essence, these are great if you are particularly tall or if you tend to move around a lot at night. They are also useful if you have growing children, particularly if you are looking at investing in a single bed to serve them for a good few years – with the extra length giving them room to grow. Another reason why you might need a European mattress is if you have actually already chosen a bed frame which has been manufactured in Europe and which requires the need for the larger mattress in order to create a complimentary pairing. With more and more retailers entering the UK with European sized furniture, including popular mass market furniture stores and DIY stores, we are increasingly finding these adjusted sizes available as readily as common UK sizes.

What kind of mattress should I get if I need European sizing?

As the demand rises, so too do the options available across many bed specialists and mattress retailers – with an increasing number now offering all of their most popular mattress types in European sizes. One of the common misconceptions about mattresses is that the entire comfort and feel of the mattress comes from the upholstery layers which sit atop the main support base – with thicker upholstery and softer materials creating a soft overall feel, while tougher materials create more of a firm finish. This is, in fact, incorrect – with almost all of the support coming from the springs themselves and the way that these compliment your body type. If you are particularly tall, you will find that the distribution of your weight is different over the surface of the mattress, and so a European sized mattress needs to be made with the correct spring tension for your body type in order to ensure that you are supported and comfortable during the night.

If you need a European sized mattress, our key recommendation is to assess the sizing of the mattress and ensure that you can find a bed frame which is complimentary and able to hold a mattress of that size. Remember, your mattress may be important for comfort but in terms of aesthetic, the mattress will be concealed most of the time – it is the bed frame that counts, and so you need to be sure that you can find a frame suitable for the European sizing which also matches your decorative space and creates a relaxing and calm bedroom atmosphere.

Once you’ve got the mattress and bed frame sorted, remember again that you need to find a duvet and duvet cover set which matches the size of the bed. Our key recommendation when it comes to any bed purchase is to always size up by one level with the duvet – to ensure there is always enough covers for everyone who uses the bed, and to avoid disputes.

For the best European sized mattresses, head to bed retailers and mas market European furniture stores.

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