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Eyelet Curtains

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Eyelet Curtains

When we talk about curtains we often focus on the texture and feel of the fabric, its thickness and the way its overall appearance and colour adds life to the room and the framing of the window. What we don’t generally talk about, but which is equally important, is the way that those curtains are hung – and the way that the act of hanging the curtains from their pole impacts the way the fabric falls and cascades across the window. Whether you opt for an ornate or minimalistic curtain pole, or invest in a track and rail design which glides the curtains seamlessly across the window, their operative structure links both to the usability of the curtains and their overall appearance – with curtain poles and eyelet curtains making a huge comeback amid the influx of modern homes which look for and rely on very basic and angular lines, natural materials and different textures.

What are eyelet curtains?

Eyelet curtains are crafted from the large piece of curtain material, which is then finished with a series of large holes across the very top of the piece in order to be linked onto the curtain pole. Most manufacturers line each hole with a metal or wooden ring to give it definition and structure and to make the act of opening and closing the curtains much easier, though there are certain fabrics on the market which lend themselves to simply being left as they are, with the creator often reinforcing the edge of the holes with an extra stitch but otherwise leaving the fabric alone. As they are strung onto the curtain pole, eyelet curtains create deep folds – with the easiest way to achieve this being to pair consecutive holes up in twos and string them together so that on the exterior side of the curtain (the decorative side) the material between the two holes bulks out. Of course, by using this method, deeper folds can be created by placing the eyelet holes further apart, while closer together holes can create more of a smooth finish with less definition in the folds.

What we love about eyelet curtains

There are a number of reasons why eyelet curtains are so popular, not least because they allow for the choice of both the curtains and the pole, ensuring that the buyer is able to have complete control over how the entire window is framed down both sides and along the top. We often find that users opt for fairly plain and neutral curtain poles, particularly if their curtains are more patterned or use different textures in their fabric finish, though for those looking at adding a little ornate detail the curtain pole ends are a great way of adding a little extra definition and characterisation. Eyelet curtains are not only simple in their construction but really easy to use, with the large holes making the curtains very easy to slide along the curtain pole to open and close – thus resulting in fewer accidents or damaged curtains. And then there’s the aesthetic value added by those deep folds, which instantly add a depth and visual interest to the room which stands out in a subtle but elegant way. Users should take care to ensure their curtain material is wide enough to allow for those deep folds without them impacting the effectiveness of the curtain at sitting across the entire window and should also be careful to create balance between the folds. The best eyelet curtains can be found across curtain specialist retailers and department stores.

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