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Free Standing Cabinets

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Free Standing Cabinets

A free standing cabinet has the power to provide a useful and functional storage solution in a location that is open and on show – all the while looking just as good as any other decorative accessory. A free standing cabinet is essentially a decorative piece of furniture with concealed storage which makes it super useful as well as super stylish – bringing together an entire room and providing a handy place to store everything from crockery to spare towels, ornaments, and documents.

Top uses of free standing cabinets

From bedrooms to hallways, stairway landings and living space, the value of free standing cabinets is that they can be selected to blend in with their surroundings or else chosen to stand out as a feature piece in the room. In a neutral space, the cabinet can add a pop of colour or can draw the eye towards different areas of the room – for example if you select a natural wood cabinet which matches other furniture items in the room, or a painted cabinet which matches the curtains.

We also see a lot of free standing cabinets created for the kitchen and bathroom spaces, with more and more homeowners expanding their bathrooms and kitchens – turning the latter into more of an entertaining space than a mere practical room, and transforming bathrooms into luxurious havens rather than simply places to use and leave. To do this, free standing cabinets are often used to add depth to the room and ensure there is plenty of storage without detracting from the wall space and openness of the room.

The best designs of free standing cabinet

The best thing about a free standing cabinet is that it can be any size, any structure and any design, and it is still useful and aesthetically pleasing – provided you get the tone right to match your home.

One of the most popular styles of design we see on the market uses natural wood, in line with the modern and contemporary home styling which rely on the natural properties of materials and their uses in the home. If you are looking for something a little sleeker, consider a white or grey pained cabinet which still provides that neutral appearance without leaning on natural wood. One of our favourite ways to add pops of colour without completing overhaul the look of your cabinet and room in general is to add colour through small features, such as replacing the handles and doorknobs on the cabinet doors with brightly coloured additions. Lining the shelves and drawers with coloured contact paper is another way to add vibrancy.

Another thing to consider with the design of your cabinet is whether you want to maximise the space available through the width, height or depth of your cabinet – and much of this choice will depend on the space you have available and where you want your cabinet to stand. Remember that wherever you locate the cabinet, you need to be able to open the doors and drawers easily without obstruction from other items of furniture – and without the risk of hitting a wall or door. We often find that members measure the height and width without considering depth – avoid this mistake and make sure you have a thorough understanding of all the dimensions.

For the best in free standing cabinets, head to high street furniture retailers and homeware stores, taking care to ensure you browse the right section – whether it be bathroom cabinets with waterproof casing, or natural finish living space cabinets.

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