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Garden Bar Stools

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Garden Bar Stools

Whether your outdoor space is fitted with a pool or a bar, a manicured lawn or a small area of decking with a fire pit and outdoor seating, finding new and innovative ways of expanding your seating options is always worth exploring – particularly with bar stools for the garden now harnessing such a wide area of the garden furniture market.

The fact is, bar stools are no longer relegated to the bar – with both indoor and outdoor bar stools becoming versatile and useful pieces of furniture which can really elevate the aesthetic appearance and functional value of any home space. The main things to consider when it comes to buying your bar stools for the garden include quantity, material, and style – with each of these explored in a little more detail below.

The quantity of garden bar stools

This will likely depend on both how regularly you like to entertain in your outdoor space, and how much room you have to spread bar stools out without them appearing cramped and cluttered. Finding the right number of any garden accessory is difficult, as there is a very fine balance between filling the space so that it feels warm and cosy, and leaving it sparsely filled so that each stool looks a little lonely and out of place. Creating balance is a matter of judgement according to your space and the size and grandeur of the stools you choose, though one our top tips would be to always buy in pairs of two so you are never left with an odd number.

The material of your garden bar tools

The choices when it comes to garden bar stool materials are endless, ranging from wicker to hardwood, metal, plastic and more. And it doesn’t end there – with the market range of outdoor cushions meaning that you are able to style each individual stool with its own unique finish – or else invest in a set which tie them all together and allow them to create harmony across your outdoor space.

The main thing to consider with material is the weather conditions in your area, with many homeowners selecting metal and wicker styles simply because they react best to heavy rainfall and can withstand a range of weather conditions without altering their appearance. You should also think about how the material will match and compliment the style of space you have created in your garden, with wood creating more of a modern vibe while metal can feel very industrial when used in the right setting.

How to style your garden bar stools

The best way to approach the purchase of garden bar stools is to see them as a way of uniting and creating harmony between your indoor and outdoor decorative style – using the basic stool structure as a way of tying the two together with a seamless journey from inside to outside. We tend to find that homeowners with modern homes keep their garden bar stools very simply in design, often utilising the height of a bar stools alongside lower down outdoor sofas and deck chairs in order to add different levels and textures to what can otherwise be quite a neutral space – while more eclectic styled gardens may mix taller bar stools with different cushions in groups surrounding taller tables.

When it comes to buying your garden bar stools, we always recommend looking for a set in order to get the most cost effective deal possible, with garden retailers and department stores both offering wide selections of designs and ideas for different styles of garden.

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