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Garden Bistro Tables

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Garden Bistro Tables

If a bar table is one which benefits from height and the illusion of extra levels across a fairly flat space, then a garden bistro table is characterised by its ground level height but elegant visual aesthetic which instantly transforms an outdoor seating area into something a little more unique and special. Reminiscent of cafes and pop-ups across European cities in the heart of the Summer, a garden bistro table is one which takes away the solid mass of a large outdoor dining table and instead relies on a much smaller and less attention-seeking table; ideal for smaller garden spaces, balconies or outdoor areas where only one or two of you will ever be seated.

The best ways to use a garden bistro table

Picture a European street cafe, overlooking passers by or perhaps a river or canal from the comfort of your bistro table. This is something we all crave on those long weekends away, so why not bring it into your own home and really embrace the beauty of a space which is designed around luxury rather than functionality? One of the best ways things about owning a garden bistro table is that it can be used as a dining service, a side table, a decorative accessory or a focal showpiece all with little alteration – both inside and outside the home. While many garden bistro tables come with complimentary and matching chairs, there are also tons on the market which are independently crafted and styled by various homeware retailers, allowing the buyer to own something which elevates their space as a focal feature. During gatherings and parties, opting for a series of garden bistro tables rather than one large dining table can be a really unique and interesting way of filling an outdoor space and bringing it to life; particularly if you arrange them as such that they replicate some form of outdoor café seating space. One of the best ways to do this is to create harmony between the different tables using centrepieces and lighting.

Things to consider when buying a garden bistro table

One of the main things to consider is the size of your garden bistro table, as while these are typically quite small there are several ranges and models which offer a range of sizes. We tend to prefer the smaller tables as they provide more of a quaint and delicate finish in a garden space, and really set the bistro table apart from a dining table – though if you do keep the table small you should give adequate thought to where the table will be placed and how you can provide it with lighting without taking up much of the surface of the table. One of our top suggestions is to locate the table beneath a tree which you can fill with fairy lights. The other thing to consider is the material of your table and how that affects its appearance and the way it compliments your indoor and outdoor space – with some of the most popular bistro tables being crafted from ornate metal structures or hardwood, in order to replicate the feel of a riverside café or bistro in an exotic village or city. Buyers should note that where they are concerned about weather, investing in a cover for the bistro table is a good way of protecting the structure and the surface from any weather damage. For the best array of garden bistro tables – both with and without complimentary outdoor chairs – head to furniture and garden centres retailers, as well as homeware providers.

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